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social gathering at which each participant generally brings food to be shared. The Picnic Society was formed in London early in the 19th cent. by a group of fashionable people for purposes of entertainment. Each member was expected to provide a share of the entertainment and of the refreshments, and this idea of mutual sharing or cooperation was fundamental to the original significance of the picnic. Later the word took on the additional meaning of an outdoor pleasure party. The word as now used includes almost every type of informal, outdoor meal or festivity, such as clambake, barbecuebarbecue
[West Indian or South American], in the United States, traditionally an open-air gathering, political or social, in which meats are roasted whole over a pit of embers and food and drink are liberally enjoyed.
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, or fish fry. The custom of cooperative dining is ancient; Greek men held symposia where the guests ate and discussed important matters.
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A large number of picnickers, mostly families and young people, were seen at different parks and popular spots including Rawal Lake, Shakarparian, Saidpur village, Monal, Daman-e-Koh, Shahdra, and Rose and Jasmine Garden.
For the landings, the picnickers would have to prepare gifts for the Chinese soldiers.
Summary: Boat carrying picnickers sank off Cairo in July, killing 40
Picnickers enjoy their lunch in the sand beside the Cyclone roller coaster at Pleasureland in this undated picture - judging by the fashions on display, it looks like the 1950s
The demand for wood, which is used by picnickers for bonfire, also increased considerably.
The UAE's leading environmentalists have told picnickers to "get their hands dirty" by cleaning up after themselves.
Designed by Irish artist Maser, the five-arena penthouse offers the perfect chill out spot or party arena, and provides a great vantage point for the more vertically challenged Picnickers.
Fires are a common occurrence in the summer and can sometimes be triggered by campers and picnickers who inadvertently trigger massive blazes.
Picnickers will be invited to create poppy mosaics using plastic tiles, which will be on display in Morpeth Town Hall's Butter Market in the runup to Remembrance Sunday.
NORTH East picnickers are the pickiest when it comes to going al fresco in the absence of sunshine, a survey has found.
NEARLY 150,000 visitors crammed Barry Island yesterday and, with the glorious weather drawing many picnickers to the seaside, it was the busiest day on the roads this summer.
It urged all citizens, residents and picnickers not to approach these areas for their safety.