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see piquetpiquet
or picquet
, card game played by two persons with a deck of 32 cards—7 (low) up to ace (high) in each suit. Each player receives 12 cards, and eight cards are left on the table face down.
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Despues me reuni con un hombre santo llamado el senor Picquet. (20) Este noble hombre fue anteriormente consul en Alepo y, despues de regresar de ese lugar, fue nombrado obispo de la ciudad de Bagdad; murio en Persia, en la ciudad de Hamadan, pero no tenemos tiempo para hablar de sus virtudes y de su vida edificante.
But his treatment of Calderon, a free woman of colour, stood out among other examples: accused as an accomplice to a theft, she was hung by one arm and made to stand on a picquet or spike until she eventually confessed.
The edition includes three oral narratives--Louisa Picquet, The Octoroon: A Tale of Southern Life (1861), The Story of Mattie J.
While Crafts's narrative demonstrates a refusal to embrace freedom through escape and matrimony, chapter 3 of Li's study foregrounds a biracial woman, Louisa Picquet, who willingly chooses an extralegal union.
It was recently reported that the protonation of 1-alkylimidazoles by strong acids provided salts, which act as ILs and recognized as protic ILs (Picquet et al.
Picquet, from Allahabad to Naini, a distance of 6 miles.
Texas Sports Acquisition Group: Neil Leibman, Andy Bursten, John Havens, Glenn Picquet, Jim Waller.
Papers) present in their entirety three accounts, by Louisa Picquet, Mattie J.
Porem, outros trabalhos demonstram atrofia significativa no periodo de 14 dias em diferentes modelos de desuso muscular, nos quais ha reducao de 45% do peso muscular nos musculos imobilizados (BODINE et al., 2001; PICQUET; FALEMPIN, 2003).
(39.) Bouvier P, Breslow N, Doumbo O, Robert CF, Picquet M, Mauris A, Dolo A, Dembele HK, Delley V, Rougemont A.
(1.) L'auteur complete actuellement une maitrise en histoire a l'Universite Lavai qui porte sur le role politique des abbes Pierre Maillard, Jean-Louis Le Loutre et Francois Picquet dans les relations franco-amerindiennes au cours des guerres de Succession d'Autriche (1744-1748) et de la Conquete (1754-1760).