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meat, fish, fowl, fruit, or vegetables baked with a crust of pastrypastry,
general name for baked articles of food made of paste or having paste as a necessary ingredient. The name is also used for the paste itself. The essential elements of paste are flour, liquid (usually milk or water, sometimes beaten egg), and shortening.
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, or pastry shells filled with custard or pudding. The pies of the Romans, especially at banquets in the days of the empire, were often elaborate concoctions, such as the showpieces in which were enclosed live birds. In England meat and fish pies had become common by the 14th cent., and fruit pies, often called tarts, by the 16th cent. The mince pie was an important feature of the Christmas festivities and was called "superstitious" pie by the Puritans in protest against what seemed to them a pagan manner of celebrating a holy feast. The mincemeat filling was a finely chopped, cooked mixture including raisins, currants, apples, suet, sugar, spice, and often meat, brandy or cider, candied peel, and other ingredients. The English settlers in North America retained their taste for pie and adapted it to their new conditions, creating the pumpkin and the cranberry pies. Pie has remained a popular dessert in the United States. In Italy, pie, or pizza, consists, in its most basic form, of a spread of dough covered with tomatoes and mozzarella cheese and baked in an oven.


a very small former Indian coin worth one third of a pice


2, pye
History a book for finding the Church service for any particular day


A language from CMU similar to Actus.
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3 lemons 2 cups sugar 1 disk (1/2 recipe best basic pie crust dough, page 101) 4 eggs 1 egg yolk 6 egg whites 1/8 tsp.
Here are some more tips from Parker's award-winning pie crust technique:
It is the flakiest, most tender crust one can make--with very little practice you can make a perfect pie crust.
NOTE: A 9-inch pie crust may be substituted if desired; crust will be very full.
If the dough comes together in one big ball rolling around the sides of the food processor you've just made "chewy'' pie crust, Parker says.
See Page 25 for perfect pie crust recipes, tips and baking instructions.
RUBY'S CUSTARD This pie is rich and nourishing 4 jumbo eggs 3/4 cup sugar 2 cups heavy cream 1 tablespoon unsalted butter, melted 1 teaspoon vanilla generous grating of whole nutmeg or ground nutmeg 1 (10-inch) unbaked pie crust or 1 (9-inch) pie crust and a ramekin for the extra filling baked for 15 minutes or until the center is set or 5 (4-inch) ramekins filled 3/4 full baked for 30 minutes or until set.
Scheetz says most of her students are interested in perfecting a good, flaky pie crust.
Cut pie crust into 1-inch-wide strips and arrange them in a lattice design over blackberry mixture.
If the prospect of turning out pie crust from scratch makes you weak in the knees, look for the store-bought crust with the least bad (saturated + trans) fat.