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(8) They describe the pier glasses in the music room with 'flowers folding over sticks' and 'an Ornament to cover the joint of the Chimney Glass'.
Cuenot also supplied tables and pier glasses for the principal rooms.
In 1731, a notice for the 'Sale of stock in trade of Francis Tuttee, Artificer & Scolloper' listed 'Glass Sconces, Pier Glasses, Looking Glasses, large Q[uantity] of curious wrought Flint glass'.
Huge pier glasses - long slim mirrors intended to hang on the wall between two tall windows and often echoing their shape - date from this period, many with girandoles for candles.
Nevertheless, engravings such as Meisonnier's Oeuvres or .Jean Mariette's compilation L'architecture Francoise inspired a type of state-apartment furniture (or mobile di parata), in the form of elaborately carved rococo gilt pier glasses and tables, and no newly-refurbished palazzo would be complete without some of its rooms covered with mirrors (gabinetti di specchi).
However, Italian furniture was not all imitation: it most certainly had its share of geniuses amongst its makers, such as Gennaro Sarao of Naples, the specialist in tortoise-shell inlay, Pietro Piffetti with his virtuoso handling of tropical woods and engraved ivory, Giuseppe Maggiolini of Milan, whose late rococo works show all the promise that would come to fruition as his furniture became more neoclassical, or carvers such as Francesco Mongiardini of Genoa or Gennaro di Fiore of Naples, whose outstandingly elegant pier glasses and tables graced the royal palaces of Naples and Madrid.