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(1) An operation in forging and stamping carried out on presses and hammers to produce a hole or depression in an item by pressing a solid or hollow piercing tool or punch into the item. Piercing may also be used in preparation for subsequent hole expansion or broaching of billets on a mandrel and for preliminary marking of a through hole to be produced by subsequent punching.

(2) An operation performed with dies using a sharp-edged punch to remove the inner burr remaining in stamped objects after marking a through hole on them.

(3) An operation in the production of seamless pipe carried out on presses using a piercing tool or on piercing mills using a mandrel to obtain hollow tubing from ingots or billets.

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She and her friends had their piercing done in the apartment of a Filipino nurse who gained a reputation among young girls who wanted to experiment in piercing new areas of their bodies.
I don't show off my belly button piercing that much, but it's something a bit different and nice to reveal sometimes.
aphrophilus endocarditis possibly caused by tongue piercing (or as a complication of the ongoing presence of the stud) in a patient with congenital heart disease.
Current medical literature on body piercing is largely descriptive and consists of problem-focused case studies, said Dr.
However society's conventions haven't dissuaded the young and the young-at-heart from the piercing parlors.
However, if you consume aspirin or alcohol before the piercing, bleeding can be heavier since these substances thin the blood, causing it to flow at a faster rate.
Policies stating flat out that body art and piercing are not allowed may lead to difficult situations.