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(1) An operation in forging and stamping carried out on presses and hammers to produce a hole or depression in an item by pressing a solid or hollow piercing tool or punch into the item. Piercing may also be used in preparation for subsequent hole expansion or broaching of billets on a mandrel and for preliminary marking of a through hole to be produced by subsequent punching.

(2) An operation performed with dies using a sharp-edged punch to remove the inner burr remaining in stamped objects after marking a through hole on them.

(3) An operation in the production of seamless pipe carried out on presses using a piercing tool or on piercing mills using a mandrel to obtain hollow tubing from ingots or billets.

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At a time when Haliburton and other well-connected contractors are reaping billions of dollars in reconstruction contracts in Iraq and wealthy Americans are enjoying generous tax breaks, King's remark that "we are on the side of the wealthy and the secure, while we create a hell for the poor" still rings piercingly true.
They are very easy to find at night because unlike the rest of the village, not to say the miles of open countryside which surround it, this narrow cul-de-sac is lit up by an array of piercingly bright street lights
Featuring appearances by a brilliant team of A-list musicians, including frequent Ani DiFranco collaborator Julie Wolf, Smashing the Ceiling is an exquisitely produced, sumptuous feast for the ears that showcases Hsu-Li's piercingly personal lyrics and shining voice over 10 tracks.
One shouldn't get too close to one's own language, that is an insult, it is quite capable of repeating something after itself, piercingly loud, so one cannot hear that which it says it had been told to say earlier.
Aldyn, whose piercingly Caribbean-blue eyes were but one highlight of a maximum-appeal physical package, played the romantic leads in H.
He then looked piercingly at the presiding judge, and, presumably noting my English accent and charming lisp, asked, in tones of Perry Mason-like triumph, "Did you, by chance, find the naked men stimulating?
He was piercingly succinct, for instance, on the subject of popular much- injured veteran American Todd Martin, who always seems condemned to playing exhausting, five-set marathons.
They are of different races and backgrounds, often with little in common except that their tales feel grittily, piercingly real, told in voices so authentic that one would think Frank, a Brooklyn clinical social worker, had a tape recorder running.
His voice is as piercingly perfect as any in bluegrass, and his rhythm guitar technique is unparalleled--the celebrated "G run" that punctuates the end of so many phrases in bluegrass songs was probably his invention.
In 1996 Woodson branched into adult fiction with Autobiography of a Family Photo, bringing spare, piercingly poetic prose to a coming-of-age story of a young girl searching for herself through the haze of her dysfunctional family.
More to the point, his understanding of television as an extension of the human nervous system is not only piercingly insightful, it begs the entire issue of the alleged passivity of watching TV.