pigment volume concentration

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1. Pigment volume concentration; the percentage of pigment by volume in the total volume of a paint film.
2. Abbr. for polyvinyl chloride.
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(7.) Wang, J., Xu, H., Battocchi, D., and Bierwagen, G., "The Determination of Critical Pigment Volume Concentration in Organic Coatings with Fluorescence Microscopy," Prog.
(2) were the first to apply the concept of the pigment volume concentration and the CPVC to aqueous paper coatings.
(1.) Bruehlman, J, Thomas, LW, Gonick, E, "Effect of Particle Size and Pigment Volume Concentration on Hiding Power of Titanium Dioxide." Off.
Pigment volume concentration (PVC) has significant effects on the properties of coatings, (3) including a great effect on the transport of corrosive species of electrolytes through them.
Rohm and Haas Company has been granted a patent for a fluid extender pigment mixture, comprising at least one extender pigment; at least one thickener; and optionally at least one binder wherein the extender pigment has an average particle size of less than three [micro]m and an average oil adsorption value as measured by ASTM D281-31 of less than 30; wherein the mixture has a pigment volume concentration of at least 80, a volume solids of no greater than 50, a specific gravity of less than 3 g/cc and a viscosity at a frequency of 1.25 sec-1 of at least 10,000 cps.
Pigments in paints are often qualified by the terms: Oil Absorption, Pigment Volume Concentration (PVC), or Pigment to Binder Ratio (P:B)
List of symbols Ci Starch type number i originating from corn [C.sub.s] Seawater solubility (mol/[m.sup.3]) M Molar mass (kg/mol) Ri Starch type number i originating from rice T Starch type originating from tapioca Greek symbols [alpha] Seawater solubility (dimensionless) [rho] Density (kg/[m.sup.3]) Abbreviations CPVC Critical pigment volume concentration (vol%) DFT Dry film thickness ([mu]m) LLT Leached layer thickness ([mu]m) OA Oil absorption PSD Particle size distribution PVC Pigment volume concentration (vol%) Introduction
Acronal Optive 410 shows excellent tannin stain blocking properties without adding reactive pigments and can be formulated in a higher than typical pigment volume concentration (PVC) range, up to 45%, while still maintaining performance properties, according to the company.
The coating had a 60[degrees] gloss at 20, and a pigment volume concentration of 30.
Considerations of pigment volume concentration (PVC) effects and the critical PVC (CPVC)
Coating C1 contained [TiO.sub.2] only at 15 PVC, while Coating C2, in addition to a similar level of [TiO.sub.2], also contained a barium sulfate extender, which increased the total pigment volume concentration to 21%.