pile height

carpet pile height

The height of the pile yarn above the backing material; usually expressed in inches or millimeters.
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Highlighted features: Directly Driven Pile Control System New 8-color Main Nozzle Pick Repair Automation (PRA II plus) Air Consumption Monitoring and Management System (AirMaster) Pile Height Monitoring Needle Roll Control
The key to preventing this condition is to employ a carpet that is dense, has a lot of yarn packed into a small area with a low pile height and has very little cut pile yarn."
Users enter basic information about the excavation (depth, spoil pile height, soil types, and protective systems in use).
This lawn is regularly mown at carpet pile height, viewed but seldom walked on as regular foot traffic will lead to its deterioration.
Effects of particle size and pile height on storage and fuel quality of comminuted Salix viminalis.
The deed restriction, however, is contingent on the town approving the three-pronged Casella initiative - for a 48-acre landfill district, a trash pile height increase to 670 feet above sea level and the relocation of a section of Patrill Hollow Road.
These should not be pulled out by force but trimmed level to the pile height. The same goes for snags, caused by shoe heels, toys or pet claws.
Violations cited were open dumping, failure to maintain fire lanes, failure to keep tire pile height and base area within maximum dimensions, failure to use mosquito control, operating a solid waste facility without a registration or permit and operating a scrap tire facility without a license.
The only fur to wear this season is a woven double cloth with interlocking warp threads which produce a three dimensional pile with a pre-determined pile height! Have we lost you?
Capable of stacking loads up to 3200 pounds and a pile height up to 61 inches, the stacker can handle sheets up to 65 inches wide and between 10 to 55 inches long.
"The headers allow us to verify the quality of the operation, conditions such as stitch rate, pile height and coloration," Ellison said.