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Criminal law the dishonest taking of property belonging to another person with the intention of depriving the owner permanently of its possession



(Russian, krazha), in criminal law, the secret stealing of property. The secrecy with which the property is taken, implying that the criminal is confident that his actions are not observed by the victim or other people, distinguishes theft from grabezh (open stealing) and robbery.

In the USSR the criminal codes of the Union republics establish separate liability for theft with the intent to gain possession of state or social property and theft with the intent to gain possession of personal property (for example, the Criminal Code of the RSFSR, arts. 89 and 144). Stricter punishment is prescribed for the theft of state or social property than for the theft of personal property. Liability for the theft of state or social property on an especially large scale or for the petty theft of such property is established by special norms (for example, arts. 931 and 96 of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR).

Under the law the circumstances aggravating liability for theft are repeated theft, theft by a group of people in accordance with a prior agreement, theft using technical means (the latter only in the criminal codes of the RSFSR, Georgian SSR, and Tadzhik SSR), and theft causing significant loss to the victim (in theft of personal property). Especially aggravating circumstances are the commission of theft by a particularly dangerous recidivist or on a large scale (in theft of state or social property).

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However, sources said that 186 cases of power pilferage and 29 of gas stealing were being investigated by the police currently.
During the completed trial phase (from January to April 2014), 73% of bags had been wrapped and a pronounced decline in reported incidents of pilferage or damage was noticed.
The CBI's Jaipur office had in fact arrested seven persons, including two IOC supervisors, in August for fuel pilferage from the IOC depot and confiscated 180 kilolitres of fuel in a month.
The official of PESOC said that drive against illegal use of electricity is in full swing throughout the Province, adding the persons involved in power pilferage would have to face strict action.
FESCO spokesman told here on Saturday that, on a tip-off, FESCO intelligence team conducted surprise raid at a power loom factory in the area of Faizabad subdivision and detected huge power pilferage there.
diesel theft protection device to prevent cotton waste mixing and pilferage of diesel oil from 10 nos.
AN OIL pilferage attempt that went wrong may have sparked the massive fire at the Indian Oil Corporation ( IOC) depot near Jaipur.
The SIM is a robust Web-hosted inventory management solution that enforces business rules, controls access at the point-of-use (POU) and provides enterprisewide inventory visibility which eliminates pilferage, stock-outs, and overstocking.
During the campaign to curb the power pilferage, PESCO's Checking Teams with the collaboration of PESCO Police checked the areas of Ghari Ghulam Shah, Mera Surizai, Surizai Payan, Ghari Fazli Khaliq, Baghbanan and Miskeenabad and caught 16 persons red-handed while consuming illegal electricity from transmission line, said PESCO spokesman.
The RRF will conduct surprise checking of the meters and will register FIR in respect of power pilferage cases in the respective police stations.
CEO Pesco ordered no one should be spared who is involved in power theft,as due to power pilferage Pescos distribution system is over loaded on one side and on the other side Pescos Line Losses increase.
The tanks also come with fuel flow meters that measure fuel level and quality, to effectively discourage and eliminate pilferage.