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1. a small spherical or ovoid mass of a medicinal substance, intended to be swallowed whole
2. the Informal an oral contraceptive
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a solid medicinal dosage form for internal use. Pills are globules of a homogeneous plastic substance that contains the medicine; they range in weight from 0.1 to 0.5 g. Since tablets, lozenges, and capsules are more convenient forms of medication, pills are rarely used in modern practice.

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What does it mean when you dream about a pill?

If the pill is a vitamin, then swallowing a pill in a dream might reflect a desire to take care of one’s health. Taking a pill can be a metaphor for accepting something unpleasant—”swallowing a bitter pill.” Pills could be a reference to “The Pill” used in birth control, and sometimes irritating people are referred to as “pills.”

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A microwave stripline termination.
A small, solid dosage form of a globular, ovoid, or lenticular shape, containing one or more medicinal substances.
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Of the two pills in that box one was of the most deadly poison, and the other was entirely harmless.
I am a tolerable chemist, and prepare my pills myself."
As with most medications, there are both advantages and disadvantages to using the pill as a form of contraception.
Commonly used sleeping pills such as temazepam and zolpidem are associated with more than a fourfold risk of death, according to a study published in the BMJ open online journal.
The formation of pills occurs as a consequence of mechanical action during washing or wear.
But new research has finally confirmed what many of the 3.5 million UK women who take the Pill already know - it eases period pain.
A pill often will not dissolve at exactly the right site in the gastrointestinal tract where the medicine can be absorbed into the bloodstream but the new pill could solve that problem.
The FlavoRx pill glide is a one-step system that delivers the medication and a 3 ml fluid bolus at the same time.
The world has changed, but it's debatable what part the birth control pill played.
Some of my friends split their pills to save money.
Women who use emergency contraception pills are also likely to later use highly effective contraception methods, according to a March AJPH study, refuting conjecture that access to such pills can lead to a decline in contraceptive use.
Table Sample CRDU prescribing of risperidone CRDU Dose range Patient population (1 pill) (1 to 4 pills) First-episode 1mg 1 to 4 mg psychosis patients Chronic patients 2mg 2 to 8 mg Gerlatric patients 0.5 mg 0.5 to 2 mg CRDU: clinical reference closing unit.