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What does it mean when you dream about a pillow?

Pillows are obvious symbols of sleep and/or of comfort. In a dream, perhaps we are feeling comfortable or, alternatively, we want to feel comfortable. Also note associations with the expression “pillow talk.”

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Try to handle scone dough as little as possible, otherwise it won't stay pillowy light and you won't get beautifully risen scones
The result is an enormous, pillowy, yeast-raised doughnut that's dripping with vanilla glaze.
The restaurant-baked brioche bun is pillowy and slightly sweet, providing some much-needed balance to the overly salty sauce.
End your meal with churros which are soft, pillowy pipes of flour dusted with cinnamon sugar and served with a chocolate dip.
Full and half-loaves are made in flavours ranging from pillowy white bread "milk toast" to delightfully bitter "green tea toast," any of which are delicious on their own or as the ultimate sandwich building blocks.
The nature of using a loop pedal is unpredictable," he explains over a lunch of mac and cheese, referring to his technique of layering snaps, hums, and hisses into a pillowy soundbed for his crooning tenor.
I had the pillowy soft, buttery, cheesy pastry for breakfast next morning.
A limb and loggy / Dim and soggy / Crusty cruddy / Dried up muddy // Leafy willowy / Not too pillowy / Place where you won't lay your head / But to a beaver it's a bed.
com) PERFECT YOUR POUT WITH all that drama going on around the eyes, a nude lip is essential, but you want a glossy finish to emulate Bardot's pillowy pout.
Readers merely thumbing through Harroun's collection will be drawn in, for instance, by the white pillowy insides of the Red Velvet Surprise Cupcakes.
Designed to accommodate socks, undergarments, ties and lingerie, another highly functional drawer option features quilted mocha fabric dividers for a soft, pillowy touch.