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What does it mean when you dream about a pillow?

Pillows are obvious symbols of sleep and/or of comfort. In a dream, perhaps we are feeling comfortable or, alternatively, we want to feel comfortable. Also note associations with the expression “pillow talk.”

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Pillowy and lightly browned, they looked like whipped marshmallows piled high on top of the different flavors.
Imagine gooey melted cheese filling enveloped in the pillowy soft dough of the Original Glazed doughnut and then topped with smoky bacon bits - this new and delicious dough-concoction packs a punch in both taste and heft.
These were pillowy soft while still retaining its texture.
The Burger is made from 100 percent all-natural beef free of hormones and antibiotics seasoned and grilled to perfection, and served on a pillowy potato bun, Rosati said.
The trendy dessert, which is actually known as 'Tres Letches' and originates from Mexico, is a sponge cake, or a butter cake, soaked in three different kinds of milk: evaporated milk, condensed milk, and heavy cream, so you can imagine how moist and pillowy it is.
Nearby, the work Au Fairs, 2018, featured piles of pillowy cotton bombs and muscular crab claws spilling over what appeared to be a pink diaper-changing table.
The bhatti-spiced brisket grilled bao sandwich is a bestseller for good reason -- melt-in-the-mouth meat pairs perfectly with caramelized onion, oyster sauce, and pomegranate inside a pillowy bun, with a 'syringe' of tamarind sauce providing just the punch it needs.
We scoop it up with the thick, pillowy bread, crisp on the outside and feather-light, of which staff obligingly bring us several baskets more to go with the various meats and sauces we devour throughout the meal.
This chewy meringue recipe came from Jacquiline Dunlop from Chapelhall, who makes them for family every year and I'm so glad she's happy to share the recipe with me as it makes the most delicious pillowy meringues with a crisp outer shell.
These pillowy treats typically are served covered with marinara sauce or topped with olive oil, garlic and parsley.
Whip until thick and pillowy. 7 Spoon cream over the pavlova, then top with the roasted rhubarb.
A gigantic, time-ravaged hand emerges from a pillowy bank of cartoonish clouds.