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"'What was thot?' says the pilot, when we struck the lighter.
"'We smashed thot lighter,' says he, comun' up the lodder tull the brudge--an' the pilot stondun' there wuth his ears cocked tull hear.
"After the pilot was gone I says tull the mate: 'Uf you dunna know onythun', old mon, for Heaven's sake keep your mouth shut.'
When I reached the top I found the brass dome and the statue exactly as the pilot had described, but was too wearied with all I had gone through to do more than glance at them, and, flinging myself under the dome, was asleep in an instant.
The pilots themselves are individual self-employed professionals, and they work through regional pilots' associations, which contract with the shipping companies for their services.
In his reply Puri said that the number of foreign pilots employed by aviation companies over the last five years also rose from 280 in the year 2015 to 324 in the year 2018.
After all, the regs do clearly state that you have to be qualified in the aircraft, so it's simply a legal anomaly that BasicMed pilots can fly the airplane legally, but can't be the safety pilot for another pilot who's flying the airplane under the hood.
As the pilot strike led by the Pilots Union Taoyuan entered its sixth day, a third round of talks resumed between the union and CAL at 1 a.m.
According to a notification of the Authority as reported by the state-run Radio Pakistan, the pilots have been allowed to fly aircrafts now.
Chief Executive Officer Captain Izham Ismail said the national carrier is targeting to normalise its operations by early 2019 and has already recruited 62 new pilots.
Unions spoke at the 64th Air Safety Forum hosted by the Air Line Pilots Association, Int'l (ALPA).