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The baro (blouse) was a kimono-fashioned from starched sheer kanyamaso woven from pineapple fiber. The saya (skirt) used a soft cloth, either silk of light cotton, with colorful prints or patterns.
True to my core values, I conceptualized a 25-piece collection as something meditative, in the contemporary spirit of clothing, using the fragile and transient appeal of delicate handwoven materials like pineapple fiber, abaca and bamboo, and the contrasting patterns of inabel cotton.
So, the elasticity of polypropylene decreases with the addition of pineapple fiber and, therefore, the elongation at break also decreases which shows that composite became brittle after the increase in volume.
In West Africa the pineapple fiber has been used to string jewels and also to weave the caps of the tribal chiefs.
The objective of this paper is to investigate the effect of different NaOH concentration on mechanical propertiesof the kenaf fiber, pineapple fiber (PALF) and mengkuang fiber composites.
"Pineapple fiber is considered to be more delicate in texture than any other vegetable fiber.
Material: The barong shirt material could be in any of the organic fabrics: pina (from pineapple fiber), jusi (from banana fiber), ramie (from ramie plant mixed with abaca fiber), or normal cotton.
Soon, pop star Rihanna may go around town proudly wearing shoes fashioned out of processed pineapple fiber from the Philippines.
The Philippines' "barong tagalog," a partially see-through shirt sewn from pineapple fiber and silk that was used at the 1996 summit, may have a re-run when Manila hosts APEC this week.
The designer uses local pineapple fiber, cotton, linen and homegrown leather in her creations.
Experiments on pineapple fiber with polyester have proven that it could be produced in mass quantities.