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A frost mound resembling a volcano, being a relatively large and conical mound of soil-covered ice, elevated by hydrostatic pressure of water within or below the permafrost of arctic regions.



a dome-shaped elevation of the earth’s surface, not exceeding 30-40 m in height and 300-400 m in diameter at the base. Pingos are found both isolated and in groups in regions of widespread frozen rocks. They arise during the upheaval of rocks after local accumulation of ice within them, usually in depressions. Pingos may be seasonal or long-term. Depending on the mechanisms of ice accumulation, these mounds are classified as pingos proper or hydrolaccoliths— pingos with ice cores. Local terms for pingos include bulgunniakh (Yakut) and sede (Nenets).

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The use of snow fences (1978), puncturing of pingos (1977), and drainage of Lake Illisarvik in 1978 are three examples of experiments conducted at landform scale in a manner that is rarely replicated.
But 1970-81 provided Ross's classical treatment of disturbance to permafrost terrain (1970); segregation as the origin of massive ice (1971); preservation of permafrost and ground ice beneath the Laurentide ice sheet (1972); the origin of offshore permafrost (1972); the development of pingos from pore-water expulsion (1973); the influence of snow cover on ground temperatures (1974); the characteristics of thermal contraction cracking (1974); experimental demonstration of pingo growth (1977); identification of an early-Holocene thaw unconformity (1978); the origin of hummocks (1980); and plug-like flow in solifluction (1981).
From 1982 to 2011 he published 52 papers, concentrating on tundra lakes, ice wedges, and pingos.
Defeitos ppm MQ ME MO MT 1 SOLDA FOR A DE 6054 ** POSICAO 397 43 2 OUTROS 2359 * *** 155 6 25 3 FALHA DC PRE 1414 *** IMPRESSO 93 33 4 PLASTICO 1322 * DOBRADO 87 4 5 PINGOS COLA 810 FORA DE POSICAO 53 6 PINGOS DECOLA 33 COM FALHA 3 7 FALHA DE SOLDA 13 1 8 SETUP 2747 ** *** 180 17 28 9 MANTA 484 32 10 TOTAL x 15.
Now Llansadwrn Community Council, with support from local schools and organisations has been awarded pounds 45,000 under the Cydcoed - Woods for All scheme to protect and improve the pingos.
The council plan is to improve access, protect and improve the area of woodlands where the pingos are found.
The water between the permafrost and the ice-earth lid freezes, presses upwards and a pingo is born.
1 km2 overlap area between the combined home ranges of the only two pairs that had significant overlap during the entire study comprised 26% high pingos, 29% low pingos, and 45% sedge-grass meadows.
Masked shrews were captured in low pingo, high pingo, and tall sedge communities.
Densities for wet sedge meadow, sedge-grass meadow, low pingo, high pingo, and tall sedge communities were 368, 188, 145, 61, and 10 nests per km2, respectively.
En 1991, on a etudie la regeneration de la vegetation d'une piste d'atterrissage et de deux chemins de terre connexes au col Pingo -- centre du Groenland oriental (71[degrees] 48'de latit.
In the late 1950s, an airstrip and associated dirt roads were constructed by the Northern Mining Company on Pingo Pass in western Jameson Land, central East Greenland, 71[degrees]48'N, 24[degrees]15'W (Figs.