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A frost mound resembling a volcano, being a relatively large and conical mound of soil-covered ice, elevated by hydrostatic pressure of water within or below the permafrost of arctic regions.



a dome-shaped elevation of the earth’s surface, not exceeding 30-40 m in height and 300-400 m in diameter at the base. Pingos are found both isolated and in groups in regions of widespread frozen rocks. They arise during the upheaval of rocks after local accumulation of ice within them, usually in depressions. Pingos may be seasonal or long-term. Depending on the mechanisms of ice accumulation, these mounds are classified as pingos proper or hydrolaccoliths— pingos with ice cores. Local terms for pingos include bulgunniakh (Yakut) and sede (Nenets).

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On the Far North's main road, the Dalton Highway, dicey winter conditions and dusty summer travel over a gravel-packed highway that traverses boreal forest, taiga and tundra, past pingos and herds of musk ox and caribou, require heavy equipment and knowledgeable drivers that can withstand these hazards.
The fields, for example, around the village of Camaross in County Wexford are littered with small doughnut-shaped depressions known as pingos.
PINGOS in Carmarthenshire are to be rescued by a new grant programme promoting economic and environmental regeneration.
Now Llansadwrn Community Council, with support from local schools and organisations has been awarded pounds 45,000 under the Cydcoed - Woods for All scheme to protect and improve the pingos.