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a greyish-brown duck, Anas acuta, with slender pointed wings and a pointed tail
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(Anas acuta), a bird of the family Anatidae. The body length is about 70 cm. The males weigh about 900 g; the females weigh less. The two middle rectrices are very long (hence the name). The pintail is widely distributed in Europe, Asia, and North America. In the USSR it is not found in the Far North, the southern European part, and Middle Asia; during the molting period in the summer, it is commonly seen in the Volga River delta and on the lakes of southwestern Siberia and Kazakhstan. It is a migratory bird, and in the USSR it winters on the southern Caspian Sea. The pintail prefers shallow lakes. It nests in dry places. The clutch contains nine or ten greenish white eggs, which are incubated for 22 to 23 days. The diet consists of plants and animals. The pintail is a game bird.

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"I don't know that I'll ever see another banded pintail again, but hey, season opens soon."
Despite the 2010 floods, which temporarily cleared most of the wetland vegetation from our Pintail Lakes study area, yellowthroats responded favorably when the vegetation returned, consistent with the genetic evidence for frequent dispersal between wetlands in the Lower Rio Grande Valley (Roy et al., 2013).
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As the sky bled to dusk and hundreds of black ibises descended all around, I quickly limited on yellow-billed pintails and ringed, speckled, and silver teal in an hour.
Carl was surprised to discover that his female Bahama pintail had produced four ducklings, and the black swans are rearing two cygnets.
Although the effects of hunting disturbance on pintail populations are unclear, some evidence from a study in Louisiana, USA, suggests that hunting pressure influences pintail spatial distribution (Cox & Afton 1997).
Colourful Paradise Shelduck, from New Zealand, Northern Pintails, and Australian Wood Ducks are among the latest additions to the WWT Washington Wetland Centre, in Washington.
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TELECOMWORLDWIRE-18 February 2009-Teradyne Inc forms alliance with Pintail Technologies(C)1994-2009 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD
To enhance the utilization of this species in revegetation and land reclamation, a multisite composite awned slender wheatgrass population, AC Pintail, was developed in Saskatoon, SK.
A Greenpeace vessel and smaller boats surrounded the British-owned Pacific Pintail and Pacific Teal, carrying 125 kilos of weapon-grade waste, before they docked in France.
HOUSTON -- The Texas Ducks Unlimited Artist of the Year title was given to wildlife artist Les McDonald, Jr., whose "Pintail Pair" print will be showcased at all Ducks Unlimited Chapter banquets.