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a greyish-brown duck, Anas acuta, with slender pointed wings and a pointed tail



(Anas acuta), a bird of the family Anatidae. The body length is about 70 cm. The males weigh about 900 g; the females weigh less. The two middle rectrices are very long (hence the name). The pintail is widely distributed in Europe, Asia, and North America. In the USSR it is not found in the Far North, the southern European part, and Middle Asia; during the molting period in the summer, it is commonly seen in the Volga River delta and on the lakes of southwestern Siberia and Kazakhstan. It is a migratory bird, and in the USSR it winters on the southern Caspian Sea. The pintail prefers shallow lakes. It nests in dry places. The clutch contains nine or ten greenish white eggs, which are incubated for 22 to 23 days. The diet consists of plants and animals. The pintail is a game bird.

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The decision to do that was part of the pintail harvest strategy adopted in 2010," says Richkus.
Prior to founding Pintail, the company s senior leadership team served on executive positions at other Gulf Coast-focused upstream companies.
First, we identified and mapped vegetation types that were thought to be important food sources for pintail populations within Suisun Marsh.
For example, three of the four northern pintails from Point Mugu that migrated through southern Canada arrived first in southern Alberta, similar to the 69% of ducks from the Sacramento Valley, and the fourth northern pintail from Point Mugu arrived first in southwestern Saskatchewan, similar to the 27% of northern pintails in the Sacramento Valley.
The Severn Estuary, which closely follows the Dee as the second most important site in Wales, also has internationally important numbers of seven species - mute swan, Bewick's swan, shelduck, pintail, shoveler, ringed plover and dunlin.
Teradyne Inc (NYSE: TER), a supplier of automatic test equipment, revealed yesterday (17 February) that the company has formed an alliance with Pintail Technologies to offer its customers an expanded range of semiconductor test solutions for improving yield, optimising quality and reducing the cost of test.
The objectives of this study were to compare the genetic diversity of the composite population AC Pintail and cultivar AEC Hillcrest and to assess the genetic shift over two generations of AC Pintail seed multiplication by means of the AFLP technique (Vos et al.
A Greenpeace vessel and smaller boats surrounded the British-owned Pacific Pintail and Pacific Teal, carrying 125 kilos of weapon-grade waste, before they docked in France.
The 2002 sauce Pintail, and the 2003 sauce features the Black Scoter.
Caption: CMD of Portland, OR, a marketing firm, has won a Merit Award at this year's Rosey Awards for the agency's packaging design work for BridgePort Brewing Company's Pintail Copper Ale.
The Point of Ayr is renowned among bird watchers for superb views,especially at high tide, of the pintail,oystercatcher, knot,dunlin, redshank,curlew and ringed plover.