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In the same manner and using unit 2's, make 32 small Pinwheels as shown (Diagram II-B).
7 Join 5 Pinwheels and 4 white E's as shown to create a sashing row.
In Section 3, we introduce an approach based on dynamic priority to the pinwheel task scheduling and present a power-aware scheduling algorithm which is applied directly to pinwheel task model.
And the pinwheels spin a little better if the brass fasteners aren't too tight.
The Pinwheel Galaxy before, left, and after, right, the supernova, called SN2011fe, happened
The units are equipped with both pinwheel and crawl speed functions.
You're seeing our Milky Way's big sister, a multi-hundred-billion-star pinwheel that's destined to collide with our own pinwheel in roughly 3 billion years.
Solomon takes our eyes in every direction, following the circular motion of the saturated color spokes of a pinwheel of energy.
The set includes a seven-inch Buck Neurological Hammer with dual heads, octagonal chrome-plated handle and removable needle and brush; a seven and a half-inch Taylor Hammer with black triangular head and chrome-plated handle; a seven-inch Wartenburg Pinwheel with rotating spur and chrome-plated handle; an eight-inch Bahinski Percussion Hammer with two-directional adjustable head and octagonal chrome-plated handle and an additional Babinski head and 12-inch handle for a Bahinski Hammer.
They learnt how to personalise a yo-yo, make a pinwheel pencil, stickers, puzzles and picture frame.
The flags make a vibrant symbol at rallies (a section of white plastic plumbing pipe makes an easy flag pole), and you can even add a spinning pinwheel to represent the slogan we're suggesting for this year's Earth Day: Invest in Wind, not War.