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(pī`nŏn), in the Bible, one of the dukes of Edom.


see pine nutpine nut
or piñon
, edible seed of various species of pine trees. Among the North American species that bear such edible seeds are the nut pines or piñons, Pinus edulis and P. monophylla, and the Digger pine, P.
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350 BC-AD 400) periods, there was a shift away from residential exploitation to logistical forays from the river valleys--the use of tortoise and agave declines and activity refocuses on large-game hunting and the collection of pinyon.
In 1996, with support from Eddie Bauer, American Forests Global ReLeaf planted 62,000 pinyon pines--a process that would have taken decades to reseed naturally.
We utilized captures (not individuals) of the following species for the CCA analysis: pinyon mice, deer mice, Merriam's and obscure chipmunks pooled and California ground squirrels.
Scott Knox, Overture's director of solutions development will be speaking Tuesday, March 12th at 9:05 AM in Pinyon Ballroom 5.
There is also detailed information on the nutritional content of such plants as prickly pear fruit, pinyon seeds, purslane goosefoot, and sunflower seeds.
We are carrying our own lunch, however, and we are not going to Tibet, and so continue upwards at our own pace, eyes on the stony trail, but remembering to look at Juniper Canyon and also in the other direction toward Panther Pass, where you can see the vegetation change abruptly from pinyon and juniper to ocotillo and lechuguilla because the climate on the north side is different from on the south side of the pass.
Waste wood from beetle kill and pinyon juniper would make an excellent source of biomass fuel" says Foster Agblevor, a USTAR professor in the Biological Engineering Department at the University of Utah whose research involves turning organic waste into fuels.
through pinyon pines, like the dodecahedron ring of icy chimes hanging
The Single Leaf Pinyon, Pinus monophylla, is the world's only one-needled pine tree and can live for a thousand years.
Just the canyon edge, a few feet away on one side, and native pinyon pine and Utah juniper trees on the other.
AuA sea of ancient water tainted by the Cold War is creeping deep under the volcanic peaks, dry lake beds and pinyon pine forests covering a vast tract of Nevada.
Among low major-elevation species that have expanded upwards (that is, broadened territory instead of leaving part of it behind) are the big-eared woodrat, the pinyon mouse and several others.