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(pī`nŏn), in the Bible, one of the dukes of Edom.


see pine nutpine nut
or piñon
, edible seed of various species of pine trees. Among the North American species that bear such edible seeds are the nut pines or piñons, Pinus edulis and P. monophylla, and the Digger pine, P.
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Disruption of natural fire occurrence together with other factors caused pinyon and juniper encroachment throughout the entire NCA.
In contrast, pinyon pine (Pinns monophylla) cover at LV averaged 23.
In 1996, with support from Eddie Bauer, American Forests Global ReLeaf planted 62,000 pinyon pines--a process that would have taken decades to reseed naturally.
The men are charged with killing Pape's ex-girlfriend, Becky Friedli, 18; her mother, Vicki Friedli, 53; and her mother's boyfriend, Jon Hayward, 55, in September 2006 at a home in the rural community of Pinyon Pines.
texensis has been collected in oak, walnut, pinyon pine, and mesquite, as well as a variety of landscaping hedges and shrubs.
So while western juniper, pinyon pine, and other similar native trees have a role to play in this ecosystem, the thickets that are rapidly spreading across the rangelands need to be brought under control.
Prayson Pate, Overture's chief technologist, will be speaking on Monday, March 11th at 1:30 PM in Pinyon Ballroom 3.
There is also detailed information on the nutritional content of such plants as prickly pear fruit, pinyon seeds, purslane goosefoot, and sunflower seeds.
Neil Harrison, Back in the Animal Kingdom, Pinyon Publishing, 2011
This would normally be a scenic forest area, but an unchecked wildfire in 2005 destroyed most of the pinyon and juniper trees on 71,000 acres.
2000); algunas formas de llamarlas en la literatura en ingles son: big-cone pinyon, Maxi pinyon y Martinez pinyon.
through pinyon pines, like the dodecahedron ring of icy chimes hanging