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A search revealed a deceased member of the crow family lying on the compost pit under the 'pipal'.
Similarly, electricity supply from Gardana and Pipal (Shareef Abad) feeders originating from 132-KV Sammundri grid station will also remain suspended from 8: 00 a.m.
The operations were conducted in Pipal Mandi, Qisa Khwani, Kohati, Saddar, University Road, Karkhano Market and Hayatabad where 25 shops were closed down.
The main function is organized at Bodha Gaya where Lord Budhha was gained enlightenment under a Pipal tree.
power supply from Chunni Rehan feeder emanating from 132-KV Lalian grid station, Pipal Bhatta feeder originating from 132-KV Barana grid station, Super feeder emanating from 132-KV Chiniot Road grid station, Lahore Road feeder originating from 132-KV Chiniot grid station,
Tenders are invited for Construction of external stair case and providing water storage tanks for fire safety measures in night shelter at sarai pipal thala, adarsh nagar
Similarly, electricity supply from Phularwan, Abdul, Hajjan, Miani and Pind Makko feeders emanating from 132-KV Head Faqeerian grid station will remain suspended from 9:30 am to 12:30 noon, whereas Ahmad Nagar, Barkat Pura, Waris Pura and al-Masoom feeders originating from 132-KV Sammundri Road grid station, Shaheen Abad, Mangoana, Pipal Bhatta, Barana, Sillanwali, Naurang and Awan feeders emanating from 132-KV Barana grid station will observe load shedding from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm on October 16, 2017.
Heavy police contingent and personnel of Frontier Core would be deployed at Karim Pura, Shaheen bazaar, Jhanda bazaar, Chowk yadgar, Ghanta Ghar, Sabzi mandi, Pipal mandi, and Kissa Khwani bazaars.
An ancient pipal tree or sacred fig grows at the back of the temple, said to be a descendent of the one Buddha sat under for three days and nights in the sixth century BC, before finding the answers he sought under a full moon.
220-KV Jaranwala Road grid station, Pipal Bhatta feeder originating from 132-KV Barana grid station, Pathan Kot feeder emanating from 132-KV Chenab Nagar grid station, Dana Abad and Katchery Road feeders originating from 132-KV Jaranwala grid station, Fakhar Abad feeder emanating from 132-KV Khurarianwala grid station, Taja Beerwala, Jamia Abad and Bukharian feeders originating from 132-KV Bhowana grid station and Sammundri feeder emanating from 132-KV Sitiana grid station will remain suspended from 9:00 a.m.
According to details, the powerful blast that occurred at Pipal Mandi ripped near Meena Bazaar, Peshawar.
Tenders are invited for repair of drainage and cross work from pawan/banwari house via dilip ji house to pipal ka balaji and babulal lohara house to lalchand house ward no.