pipe elbow

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elbows, 1
1. A pipe, sheet metal, or conduit fitting having a bend, usually 90°; a 90° elbow is also called an ell.
2. A crossette, 1.
3. A shoulder, 1.
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If a downspout is too low, or situated where you can't conveniently put a barrel, you can reroute it by adding pipe elbows and extension pieces.
Figure 7 provides an illustration of commonly available pipe elbows. The ANSI wind load test in the furnace standard was not considered when selecting options for this analysis.
Continuous foam casting systems for PUR-foam pipe insulation, pipe elbows, and blocks.
A number of bends in the piping, such as pipe elbows, will increase the final pressure required, according to Squitieri.
"Armor Plate's material can be applied to pipe elbows, bends, and T's.
Supplies pipe elbows with abrasion-resistant ceramic backing.