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(organic chemistry)
C5H11N A cyclic compound, and strong base; colorless liquid with pepper aroma; boils at 106°C; soluble in water, alcohol, and ether; used as a chemical intermediate and rubber accelerator, and in medicine.



(or hexahydropyridine), a heterocyclic compound; a colorless liquid with à strong ammoniacal odor. Melting point, –10.5°C; boiling point, 106.4°C; density, 0.8606 g/cm3 at 20°C. Miscible with water and most organic solvents. It is a strong base.

The piperidine ring is a structural fragment of many alkaloids, such as cocaine, lobeline, coniine, and pelletierine. Piperidine was first obtained from piperine, an alkaloid found in black pepper. It is prepared by reduction of pyridine and is used as a catalyst in condensation reactions. Piperidine derivatives are used as medicinal preparations, especially as local anesthetics and spasmolytics.

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The Ministry of Economic Affairs, Industrial Development Bureau plays a regulatory role in tracking chemicals such as acetic anhydride, piperonal, safrole, piperidine, hydrogen chloride, and potassium permanganate.
In this stage, 4-t-butyl-2-(N-piperdinomethyl)cyclohexanone was produced from 4- t-butyl-cyclohexanone, piperidine and paraformaldehyde according to reference one.
In petri dish experiments, more than 90 percent of sporangia failed to germinate when exposed to piperideine or piperidine concentrations of 51.
4 mole) in case of reaction with malononitrile and few drops of piperidine in case of ethyl cyanoacetate.
Green stated that "Congress intended to impose a broad prohibition against the manufacture of PCP, criminalizing both the actual manufacture of PCP as well as the possession of piperidine (an essential ingredient of PCP) when knowing or having reasonable cause to believe the piperidine would be used to manufacture PCP.
The first is on asymmetric synthesis of heterocycles containing only one heteroatom and is organized into chapters according to the size of the ring: azirdine, azetideine, pyrrolidine, piperidine, azepine and larger rings.
Most Senna species that occur in Brazil present piperidine alkaloids as majority constituents, besides glycosidic flavones, long chain aliphatic esters, glycosidic chromone and polyssaccharides (VIEGAS JUNIOR et al.
This structure was established by a set of piperidine ring on the rings D opioid drugs which help opioid drug bound to the receptors.
A previous study indicated that piperidine compounds were less effective than deet in controlling Culex pipiens, (5) but the dose may have affected this outcome.
Seven of the 23 compounds are the most promising, and are chemical cousins of a compound called piperidine, which is the same compound that gives black pepper its kick, reports FOX News.
For coating applications, the most important HALS types are di-functional piperidine derivatives linked by diesters or triazine rings as shown in Fig.