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a body spin, esp in dancing, on the toes or the ball of the foot



a ballet term designating a full turn or multiple full turns executed in place by a male or female dancer. Rotation may be clockwise or counterclockwise. A pirouette is executed by a variety of means that create a spinning motion. A dancer can execute a series of pirouettes moving in a straight line or a circle.

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She enjoyed a fine passage that day but she was not quite so fortunate at Lingfield at the end of October as Pirouette tried to come from in behind on the outside that day and the plan did not work out at all.
In pirouettes or other turning steps, spotting requires you to snap your head around faster than the rest of your body, letting you focus on one "spot" to reduce dizziness.
His feat, which saw him reach the equivalent height of a 12-storey building, lasted just 26 seconds but allowed enough time for a couple of pirouettes.
If we win the Scottish Cup I think there'll be a fair chance I'll be out on the pitch, doing a pirouette or two.
The "Peabody Nut `Quacker' Suite" package includes an overnight stay for two in a deluxe guestroom at the hotel, plus two tickets to the ballet which will be performed just a jettez and a pirouette away, at the convention center directly across the street.
Think of the double pirouette as one turn: Imagine the first rotation as a releve to the front, which sets you up on one leg.
Tierra Burnley was more comfortable with a pirouette than she was with a bump, more adept at a plie than a jump serve.
There is nothing more beautiful than to see one well-executed pirouette from fifth to fifth, sustained with long arms and an elongated body.
And Horry danced a little pirouette, his right hand held in the air in the shooter's pose as the Lakers danced to the beat of a 90-83 lead.
And Horry danced a little pirouette, his right hand held in the air in the shooter's pose, as the Lakers took a 90-83 lead with less than a minute to play.
They did not try a pirouette, but no doubt that would have worked, too.
Michael Mizerany, 37, a professional dancer making a guest performance as the Nutcracker, said the young dancers are learning more than how to do a plie, jete and a pirouette.