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1. Same as rammed earth.
2. A mixture of clay and chopped straw, sometimes with the addition of gravel; particularly used in wall construction.
3. Cob used as a wall material.
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Since the IPs are not covered by the power grid, Team Pisay thought of developing a source for their power need that is both free and has no carbon footprint,' Team Pisay CVC mentor and faculty member Jenshiam Balgua said in an interview with the BusinessMirror.
All Pisay scholars are required by law to sign a contract that limits the courses they can take up in college to S and T programs approved by the Board of Trustees.
Philippine Science High School (Pisay) Caraga Region Campus is the 13th Pisay campus in the country, said Sec.
Gamit ang siyensya--at sa tulong ng bawat scholar ng Pisay--mangunguna ang Pilipino [With the use of science and with the help of all Pisay scholars, Filipinos will lead]," he said, adding that he is optimistic that Pisay graduates will be among those who will head government posts in the future.
Once passed the NCE, a Pisay scholar is entitled to a free tuition fee, free loan of textbooks, monthly stipend, and uniform, transportation and living allowances for low-income groups.
Since Pisay is high school only, all of the kids that matriculate there are technically 'transfer students,' (from every conceivable province in country, because the system then encouraged the entrance exam top scorers to go to the main as opposed to regional campuses) so they conduct a two-week orientation in advance of when classes formally start everywhere else, to get everyone onboard.
The Grade 7 student admitted that he didnt know much about Pisay despite its nearness to home.
As scientists or otherwise, whether here or abroad, members of our Pisay batch can claim to have made ample contributions to building our nation in its many dimensions.
While taking Economics at Ateneo, he said he had a classmate-a Pisay (Philippine Science High) graduate-who ended up teaching their Math professor about an error in their textbook.
Ako na mismo ang magsasabi sa inyo: mananatili ang Pisay (PSHS) sa Agham Road," Aquino said during the school's graduation ceremony and 50th anniversary celebration.
The Globe Tri Team, Team Anvaya, Lakantri Teams 1 and 2 and Team Pisay, meanwhile, lead the 12-team field in the sprint relay of the race that also includes a family triathlon relay and age-group competitions.