pistacia lentiscus

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Famous for it’s gum resin. Said to be the best stuff to fight H. Pylori. A shrub in the pistacio family, separate male and female plants, green year round, 3-15 ft (1-5m) high. Oval alternating leaves with light pale colored veins. Very small flowers with red “drupe” berries that turn black later. Yellow-white liquid resin that hardens in sun, can be chewed soft again in mouth. Sap drips out when tree gets small cuts on main branches. Used historically as chewing gum. Historically popular spice, used in all kinds of dishes, deserts and drinks. Used as a base for toothpaste, lotions and creams. Use as breath freshener, for lowering cholesterol, blood pressure, heart attacks, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, skin conditions, lowering mouth plaque, peptic ulcers, H. Pylori, gastritis, duodenal ulcers
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Abderraba, "Fumigant toxicity of Pistacia lentiscus essential oil against Tribolium castaneum and Lasioderma serricorne," Bulletin of Insectology, vol.
In the digestive tracts of the Sturnus vulgaris, the dominant species found in the Starling within the resting places (test garden Hamma) are Messor barbarous (in the swarming period), Pistacia lentiscus, Larinus sp.,Cochlicella sp., Tapinoma simrothi and Tetramorium biskrensis.
The plant covering is formed by localized clumps of Ampelodesma mauritanicum remains of multiple fires, Pistacia lentiscus, Phillyrea angustifolia, Quercus coccifera and Chamaerops humilis (Thomas, 1975).
Table 2: Herbal Prescription Herb Amount Viburnum opulus 20ml Geranium maculatum 20ml Dioscorea vilosa 20ml Matricaria recutita 20ml Valeriana officinalis 20ml 100ml Take 5 drops TDS increasing to 5ml TDS Table 3: Breakdown of herbal and nutritional powder--Intestamine (Bioceuticals) Herb/nutrient Amount Pistacia lentiscus 11g Curcuma longa 1.5g Aloe vera 500mg Ulmus rubra 500mg Glutamine 2g Citrus bioflavonoids 200mg Pectin (apple) 100mg Take 1 tsp BD with meals.
It is mainly composed of Pistacia lentiscus is characterized by good resistance to climatic conditions and clay soils.
The researchers found that the Pistacia lentiscus plant, a small tree of the pistachio genus, and the Cistus flower, were effective in treating various viruses.
Leaf gas exchange and fluorescence of Phillyrea latifolia, Pistacia lentiscus and Quercus ilex saplings in severe drought and high temperature conditions.
Pistacia lentiscus. Mastic is the concrete resinous exudates obtained from the tree Pistacia lentiscus (Anacardiaceae) which is activated in the Mediterranean areas.