Piston Rod

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piston rod

[′pis·tən ‚räd]
(mechanical engineering)
The rod which is connected to the piston, and moves or is moved by the piston.

Piston Rod


a round rod that connects a piston to a slide block in reciprocating machinery—for example, pumps, compressors, steam engines, and some internal-combustion engines—or in the hydraulic or pneumatic mechanism of a reciprocating drive. A piston rod is used when the compartments formed on both sides of a piston are employed. When only one of the compartments formed in a cylinder of a reciprocating machine is used, a piston rod is usually not provided and a connecting rod is connected directly to the piston.

A unilateral piston rod is located on one side of a piston and passes through one head cover. A bilateral piston rod passes through two head covers; such a piston rod is used to provide better alignment of a heavy piston in steam-driven machinery or to connect a second cylinder in a compressor.

In some reciprocating hydraulic drives, a cylinder is attached to the moving part, or table, of a machine and a piston rod is attached to the bed. Hydraulic fluid is supplied through the piston rod to the compartment formed in the cylinder.

The diameter of a piston rod is usually determined by the rod’s strength, stiffness, and stability. However, in reciprocating hydraulic drives, it is sometimes determined by the required velocity ratio of the to-and-fro motion at a constant pump capacity.


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Check diameter of piston rod to avoid buckling under load.
The agricultural industry has put up with rusty piston rods or cylinders for years.
Additionally, rod scrapers, wipers or bellows can be used to prevent the ingress of debris that may collect on piston rods.
The company has built up considerable knowledge and experience in the friction welding of components including turbochargers, airbag containers, exhaust valve components, gearbox components, front wheel drive shafts and shock absorber hollow piston rods, all components which are safety-critical if the weld breaks.
A hydraulic system is used to apply controlled pressure through piston rods to the tilting portion of the hub carrier in order to provide the required amount of camber.
Regardless of the vendor, the smallest two-platen machines employ the same fully hydraulic principle: Tiebars do double duty as piston rods [TABULAR DATA OMITTED] that pull the mold shut.
The multiple small diaphragms, which are connected to two opposing motor structures by balanced sets of piston rods, work in a push-push operation that cancels both distortion and mechanical vibration.
Repair services include - Equipment type pump, motor, directional valves, cylinders, piston rods .
The new devices enable the piston rods of loaded cylinders to be locked in any position in the event of pressure loss, preventing any movement due to load.
Mannesman, which supplies shock absorber piston rods for the Mercedes-Benz C Class car, previously bought an automatic line incorporating two welding machines from British Federal.
In these models the tiebars do double duty as piston rods for mold clamping.
and dust from the piston rods to extend rod seal life.