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An interesting exotic fruit in the cactus family, that looks like big red egg with green “flames” shooting out of it. When cut open, it’s white on the inside with black spots, like kiwi seeds. The Hylocereus type is sweet, and the Stenocereus is sour, but juicier, stronger and more refreshing. The plants have the silhouette of a small palm tree, but instead of palm leaves, they look like aloe leaves. They like to climb things and they flower at night, relying on pollination from bats etc. They can flower and bear fruit up to six times a year and can grow a new plant from simply planting any piece of the plant in the ground. They do quite well in desert heat and can stand an occasional short frost. Cut open or peel off red outer waxy skin, slice and eat the inner white part, seeds and all. The seeds will not digest unless chewed or put in blender. Taste is amazingly bland compared to the flashy exterior. High in vitamin C, fiber, calcium, phosphorus. Diabetics use this as a high-fiber food source instead of rice. Used for lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, as well as removing heavy metals, toxins. Red Pitaya (Hylocereus undatus)- red outside, white inside Costa Rica Pitaya (Hylocereus costaricensis)- red outside, red inside Yellow Pitaya (Hylocereus megalanthus) yellow outside, white inside
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Said to be rich in vitamin C, fibre and calcium, the pitaya - or dragon fruit as it's also known - gives you a bigger bang for your buck than similar super fruits such as acai berries.
Pitaya recalls how his parents would buy ingredients in the morning, ready to be served up as delicious Cantonese cuisine in the evening.
Germinacao e desenvolvimento de Pitaya (Hylocereus undatos) in vitro.
On our last night, I head to the beach barbecue and tuck into pork glazed in pitaya jam as dancers entertain us with a traditional Mayan show.
The red pitaya (Hylocereus undatus Haw) is a cactaceous species native to the Americas, being found in Costa Rica, Venezuela, Panama, Uruguay, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico.
Using a variety of methods to analyze for individual nutrients, the researchers have shown that carambola (star fruit), red pitaya (also known as "red dragon"), and mamey sapote are all high in antioxidant compounds called "phenolics," and mamey sapote is also high in fiber.
Customers across the globe who previously registered their interest on the Red Pitaya website, and who have been eagerly awaiting availability of the product, were given the opportunity to place a priority order with RS and Allied, which guarantees them delivery of a Red Pitaya board from the first limited production run in May 2014.
While pitaya is not a cure for type-2 diabetes, it may offer diabetics a substantial health benefit toward lowering their blood glucose levels.
Zynq SoC Enables Red Pitaya Open-Source Instruments
Evaluacion de la reproduccion por semilla de la pitaya agria (Stenocereus gummosus) en Baja California Sur, Mexico.
Unlike family-run Thai restaurants overseas, we want to establish our restaurant as a brand backed by a corporation with strong technology and professional staff," said Pitaya Phanphensophon, managing director of Coco Holding International.
New tropical flavors such as: Pitaya from Colombia, Feljoa from Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina, Naranquilla from Brazil, Jackfruit from Brazil and Babaco from Ecuador will soon be introduced.