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On the contrary, it was corrugated and pitted, with here and there patches that showed signs of heat and fusing.
He stared at it in amaze, his brain a racing wild-fire of hypotheses to account for this far-journeyer who had adventured the night of space, threaded the stars, and now rose before him and above him, exhumed by patient anthropophagi, pitted and lacquered by its fiery bath in two atmospheres.
1 1/2 cups coarsely chopped pitted fresh sweet cherries
For example, when dealing with patient management issues, glass ionomers can be used with primary molars having deeply pitted or fissured surfaces that are difficult to isolate.
A photodetector gleans data from the disc by tracking the changing brightness of a laser beam that bounces off the pitted layer.
After Biffle pitted, the rest of the field started coming down for fuel as well.
Tracy, who won last year's race and three of the past four, pitted five laps later.