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These workers drove 60,000 miles during the season to keep the center pivots running.
The pivot, though it arises from desperation, is nevertheless supposed to appear methodical.
Pivot Doors can easily be designed to accommodate 60" wide or larger openings with engineering approval.
Mental Pivots work by connecting an agreed-upon statement with the persuasive direction you want the client to take.
Pivot-based search methods choose a subset of the objects in the collection that are used as pivots.
To help our players learn the skill and get the most out of it, we evolved what we call the Rip Step--a pivot maneuver that enables the ball-handler to see the court and effectively pass, dribble, or shoot (if in range of the basket).
where DU is an upper triangular matrix with its diagonal formed by the r nonzero pivots and n - r zeros.
The cat's meow for varmint shooters, the BR Pivot is designed to be easily assembled in the field without tools.
Because of the variable nature of the pivots, we believe that 10 % relative standard uncertainty associated with all of our measurements is a reasonable uncertainty estimate.
FieldNET Mobile allows growers to fully control and monitor their irrigation pivots anywhere through the convenience of smartphones.
Text message alerts keep the grower updated on the status of his pivots.
In the state of Nebraska, for example, there were more than 5,000 applications for EQIP funding of center pivots.