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pixie, in English folklore, spirit or fairy. The pixie is commonly represented as a mischievous imp who delights in flustering young maidens and leading travelers astray.
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, pixy
(in folklore) a fairy or elf
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(Preboot EXecution Environment) An Intel Wired for Management (WfM) capability that enables a PC to boot from the server. It enables remote booting (boot the OS), remote emergency booting (boot a diagnostic program) and remote new system startup (boot the installation program to install the OS). PXE is supported in the BIOS. See BIOS, remote boot, remote emergency boot and remote new system startup.


(PCI EXtensions for Instrumentation) A peripheral bus specialized for data acquisition and real-time control systems. Introduced in 1997, PXI uses the CompactPCI 3U and 6U form factors and adds trigger lines, a local bus and other functions suited for measurement applications. See VXI.
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Pixie Dust Golden Weiss upholds this beer style with a yeasty smooth mouthfeel and mild bitterness, hinting at fruity and spicy flavours while remaining very slightly sweet.
TAN-GO Pixie on her orange bike during a ride in Venice Beach, LA
His plane remains in deep storage at the Midland Air Museum, where the curators are hoping for the funds and expertise in wooden aircraft restoration to see the Pixie take to the skies once again.
A Pixie's Promises is a magical fantasy that holds the reader captivated throughout the story.
The twins were born in January 2016, but in September that year, Johanna noticed Pixie was bruising more than her twin.
Pixie said: "Jess performed at my summer school, Pixie Lott Italia Conti Summer School, and she did an amazing solo and everyone went 'wow!' Our jaws were on the floor.
"I feel very lucky," says Pixie. "Even though life can get crazy, I've got that stable relationship.
Pia Pihl, metrology specialist, Ginolis, said: "Pixie is the result of combining our company's core values from innovative and flexible automation with novel optical sensors.
"I was just comforting Pixie on the floor and they were amazing, orchestrating everything.
Pixie, 25, who started her showbiz life as a stage school student, said: "It's exciting getting into acting - who knows where that might lead?
The Pixie Tales - The Gift is the first book in a series of thought provoking books on life.