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pixie, in English folklore, spirit or fairy. The pixie is commonly represented as a mischievous imp who delights in flustering young maidens and leading travelers astray.
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, pixy
(in folklore) a fairy or elf
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(Preboot EXecution Environment) An Intel Wired for Management (WfM) capability that enables a PC to boot from the server. It enables remote booting (boot the OS), remote emergency booting (boot a diagnostic program) and remote new system startup (boot the installation program to install the OS). PXE is supported in the BIOS. See BIOS, remote boot, remote emergency boot and remote new system startup.


(PCI EXtensions for Instrumentation) A peripheral bus specialized for data acquisition and real-time control systems. Introduced in 1997, PXI uses the CompactPCI 3U and 6U form factors and adds trigger lines, a local bus and other functions suited for measurement applications. See VXI.
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Phelps's gold haul is a minor irritant compared to Hazel Irvine, the pixieish front woman of BBC's coverage who almost ruined the deliciously over-the-top opening ceremony.
Small, slight, hobbit-sized even with small pixieish features dominated by huge blue eyes.
We first fell in love with her pixieish charm when she was one half of the pop-rock duo the Murmurs, West Coast favorites with three albums to their credit.
Mariko Jonez, a pixieish DJ and zinc publisher in her early twenties, strives to defy the stereotypes and conventions placed upon her as a person a color within the punk community, while still struggling with a few of her own.
pixieish charm and her seemingly unique ability to speak plainly about
Older photographs have been replaced: in 2000, Rosa Liksom, abandoning her military get-up, looks quite charming, Kal Nieminen is no longer a pixieish youth, Tytti Parras has changed hair color, Hannu Salama's face has expanded.
The pixieish, blond, spectacled second grader whispered seriously, "Mrs.
CARL: The gods laugh at thy piteous, pixieish posturing.