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pixis, pix

A shrine to contain the host or consecrated wafer. (See illustration p. 734.)
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Following the Pixis Space, Van/Truck and Epoch, the Mega is the latest member of the Pixis family supplied by Daihatsu Motor Co.
First among ALCATEL ONETOUCH's announcements at CES, the smartphone brand is launching its affordable PIXI 3 series, ranging from a pocket-friendly 3.
All models exceed the MLIT 2015 fuel efficiency standards(4), by 20 percent, and in combination with certification for emissions levels 75 percent lower than the 2005 standards of the MLIT approval system for low-emission vehicles, the Pixis Epoch is eligible fortax reductions under the Japanese government's tax incentive program for environment-friendly vehicles.
The Pixis Van and Pixis Truck represent the second and third vehicles supplied by Daihatsu Motor Co.
Toyota Motor Corporation (NYSE: TM) (LSE: TYT) (TYO: 7203), a Japan-based automaker, has launched its first minicar, the Pixis Space, in Japan.
Coming in two distinct variations - the simply styled "L" and "X" models and the strong-presence "Custom X", "Custom G" and "Custom RS" models - the Pixis Space's unique design and eight available body colors create variety that enables buyers to better select a vehicle suiting their tastes.
This product is the next evolutionary step in the man-machine interface," according to Andrew Drake, Marketing Director of PIXIS Interactive.
By fusing explosive gameplay with violent scenarios, an evil, tentacled, sex-crazed demon, and a very beautifully rendered lead character, Pixis has broken new ground with this stunningly bold marriage of high-tech sophisticated adult entertainment, and the depraved depths of the popular Hentai style of animation, made popular by the notorious Japanese classic "Urotsukidoji.
By fusing explosive gameplay with evil sex machines, violent scenarios, and a beautifully rendered lead character, Akuma and Pixis have succeeded with Ultravixen in creating a unique product unlike anything else on the market.
1 adult software company, Pixis Interactive, has collaborated with Evil Angel, the No.
5 /PRNewswire/ -- PIXIS, the world leader in interactive adult entertainment software, debuts "DIVA X(TM) - Ariana," the first installment of the DIVA X Collection, at the Sahara Hotel, Booth #8021, January 5-8, at the Winter Consumer Electronics Show.
A sampling of the sessions may include: Internet Censorship, CyberSex, International Marketing and Distribution, Making Money with Adult CD, Digital Demo Days, Desktop Gambling, Internet Sex Surfers & Government Controls, Multimedia Digizines: Case Studies, First Amendment Issues, Interactive Advertising, Hybrid: CD-NET Inside Publisher Stories: The future of Adult Multimedia, featuring some of the original pioneers -- Pixis, New Machine, Starware, Lions Den and Digital Playground.