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1. That property of freshly mixed concrete, plaster, or mortar which determines the ease and homogeneity with which it can be mixed, applied, compacted, spread, or finished; placeability.
2. The degree of ease of cutting and quality of cut that can be obtained in various woods with hand tools or machines.
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The advantages of these concretes are their improved placeability and strength [10].
Comprehensive vocational rehabilitation services must be provided to strengthen both the employability (actual job skills) and placeability (job seeking skills) of people with disabilities in rural areas (Lam et al.
Instead, the use of a high-quality ASTM Class C fly ash was found to be necessary to obtain adequate workability, placeability, and concrete strength at early ages.
Therefore, rehabilitation counselors will need to develop a placeability checklist to assess the job readiness of individuals with CFS with consideration given to punctuality, abseteeism, interpersonal interactions (Friedberg & Jason), physical stamina, behavioral stability, and overall function.