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For example, in order to generate any letter with the mathlet ln [[DELTA].sup.[DELTA]] (item 3 in Table 1), one should replace the placeholder in the base with "e" and replace the placeholder in the exponent with a desired letter (e.g., ln [e.sup.w] = w).
To address this type of situation, IM "will allow firms to input Cy0' figures for the new questions within the Form, if they also update the Miscellaneous section of Schedule D to describe that the Cy0' values are only being submitted as placeholders until the firm's next required annual updating amendment," Frontline said.
Access inserts the function name with parentheses around placeholders for the arguments that the function needs to evaluate the difference between two dates, as shown in Figure 1.
The application also uses a token placeholder to facilitate transactions rather than constantly passing the data between the user, merchant and financial institution.
Among the topics are proportion and topography in ecclesiology: a working paper on the dogmatic location of the doctrine of the church, some riffs on Thomas Aquinas' De Ente Et Essentia, Webster and Ebeling on Christian texts: a placeholder for a theological theology of language, a prolegomenon to an account of theological interpretation of scripture, the transcendence of apophaticism, and the fourfold chord: theology and the plurality of the Gospel witness.
Littered with trite dialogue and minimal character growth, Dangerous Deception drags on at a creeping pace, and the series stagnates, becoming a typical placeholder for the next novel.
The firm has so far only announced a placeholder fund-raising target of USD100m in its preliminary prospectus.
By that standard, "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay- Part 1C , the third film based on Suzanne Collins' bestselling trilogy should be a placeholder, stuck between the first two films and the grand finale.
While it is a placeholder till a full budget is presented in February next year (2015), the budget establishes the intent of the government to kickstart the economy, and lays down the foundation for its economic agenda.
A spokesman for publisher Simon & Schuster said Wednesday the June 1 date that appears on and other online retailers is just a placeholder, needed to make sure the book is listed.
Each placeholder labeled a friend, set up where discussion would begin.
It shows stock photos of Bette Davis, John Lennon and Carolyn "Morticia Addams" Jones (also labeled as Bette Davis) along with the traditional "Lorem Ipsum" Latin placeholder text.