plain-sawn, bastard-sawn, flat-grained, flat-sawn, slash-sawn

Descriptive of wood sawn so that the annual rings intersect the wide face at an angle of less than 45°.
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Three staple withdrawal directions were with reference to the plain-sawn lumber wide surfaces as shown in Figure 1.
Staple withdrawal loads were sensitive to wood density variations in terms of staple leg penetration direction to wood grain direction and growth characteristics such as growth ring band width, ray size, and growth ring angles to plain-sawn lumber wide surfaces.
Effects of wood grain direction and density, staple gage, and leg penetration depth on load-withdrawal displacement characteristics of SENCO[R] staples in plain-sawn lumber were investigated.
"Plain-sawn sycamore is unstable and will warp and move.
White oak tong has been a favorite with users and is available in all the "flavors" of production: rift cut, quartered and plain-sawn, said Ben Barrett, president of Berkshire Veneer Co.
This cabinet is made of plain-sawn oak plywood with a few pieces of solid oak to provide support and protect the edges.