plain-sawn, bastard-sawn, flat-grained, flat-sawn, slash-sawn

Descriptive of wood sawn so that the annual rings intersect the wide face at an angle of less than 45°.
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White oak tong has been a favorite with users and is available in all the "flavors" of production: rift cut, quartered and plain-sawn, said Ben Barrett, president of Berkshire Veneer Co.
Effects of wood grain direction and density, staple gage, and leg penetration depth on load-withdrawal displacement characteristics of SENCO[R] staples in plain-sawn lumber were investigated.
Prisms were cut from plain-sawn lumber (with annual rings at angles of 0 to 45 degrees with the wide surface).
Three staple withdrawal directions were with reference to the plain-sawn lumber wide surfaces as shown in Figure 1.
This cabinet is made of plain-sawn oak plywood with a few pieces of solid oak to provide support and protect the edges.