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So, if it's practicality you're after you should ignore the Range Rover badge and take the slightly plainer Land Rover.
Many have been replaced by smaller, plainer and modern buildings more suitable for community use as well as worship.
Various studies carried out by Australia before switching to plainer packs suggest that packaging plays an important role in encouraging young people to try cigarettes.
There's a plainer way to put it: Goddard staff helped students cheat.
The Results: When the children were asked to evaluate the cereal based on its taste, cereal in the boxes with the spokescharacters was rated as tasting better than the cereal in plainer boxes.
It could not be Plaid's Hywel Williams made plainer how out of touch these people are with the lives of real people."
The rules have been worded in plainer language and been put together in six manuals, including separate editions for owners, trainers and jockeys, all of which can be read on newrules.britishhorseracing.
John was persuaded to wear plainer attire for a reception for the Spanish ambassador, only to be upstaged by Thomas Harrison, the Fifth Monarchy Man.
Short of standing on top of the Rotunda with a large placard around its neck the council could hardly have made it plainer. When it comes to culture, it just doesn't give a damn.
The announcement of what God is up to could not be plainer: "To you is born this day, in the city of David a [new] Savior, who is the Messiah, the Lord." And all the angels join in the song.
3) "Works are plainer than Words," and valuable for quotations from now lost classical works.
In somewhat plainer English Miss Strange argues that one needs to put aside the central argument of respectability and to accept that working class funerals and grief were far more complicated affairs.