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A pleasure garden intended for enjoyment; often secluded.
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Les travaux d'infrastructures relatifs au nouveau port de plaisance, entames en mai 2011, affichent un taux d'avancement de 80 pc, alors que ceux afferents a la premiere phase de reconversion du port de peche actuel en port de plaisance, lances en octobre 2011, sont realises a 40 pc.
Neuilly Plaisance, 25 km from central Paris and has excellent transport links
As Chairman of Wonderphone TV for several years, Philip Plaisance had run his own group of TV networks and audiovisual production companies in Europe, Asia and the Middle East and 18 TV shopping channels in 18 countries.
Plaisance has observed that the academy becomes "a sort of shadow theater in which the tensions coming from the political field were transferred to the cultural field," (16) but the very act of shifting and its implicit marginalization of the cultural legates is by no means unidirectional.
Warmerdam PA, Vanderlick K, Vandervoort P, De Smedt H, Plaisance S, De Maeyer M, et al.
Now, Plaisance said, Arvest is making hardly any jumbo loans.
The Boulevard Lakefront Tour starts and finishes at the Midway Plaisance on Chicago's South Side, just south of 59th Street and Woodlawn, and kicks off at 7 a.
Second-grade teacher Valerie Plaisance, of Welby Way school in West Hills, was honored in the general education category, and Rockdale Elementary School in Eagle Rock was honored in the schools category.
Plaisance traces in great detail the progress and ultimate failure of Savonarola's reformed ritual, which included the celebrated "bonfires of the vanities" modeled on carnivalesque practice.
Management participants on the call will be Steve Burd -- Chairman, President and CEO; Robert Edwards -- Executive Vice President and CFO; and Melissa Plaisance -- Senior Vice President of Finance and Investor Relations.
Une demarche visant a encourager les pecheurs de la wilaya a creer des associations de pecheurs amateurs a ete entreprise l'an dernier en vue de reglementer l'exploitation des poissons des barrages et autres plans d'eau et promouvoir la peche de plaisance.