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A pleasure garden intended for enjoyment; often secluded.
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Plaisance explained that implementing an active shooter program is similar to preparing for a fire drill, and he stressed that survival depends on having a plan with three specific options: run, hide or, fight.
Le futur port ambitionne d'accueillir les grands paquebots de croisiere du monde (jusqu'a 3 en meme temps) et disposera egalement de meilleurs infrastructures pour le tourisme de plaisance grace a une Marina de 1600 anneaux en 2016, avant l'edification d'autres Marina pour une offre globale de 3.
Live replicas of Old-World villages from around the globe comprised the booths in the fair's Midway Plaisance as a pageant of human civilization from primitive technology to modern.
Plaisance as senior vice president, finance and investor relations.
South Brittany, France: A 3-week holiday arriving on-site on May 20, staying in a Cezanne 4* Prima mobile home on the Port De Plaisance campsite isEUR949 for up to five people.
As Michel Plaisance points out, Cosimo had found a place to "calm and occupy spirits quick to inflame.
Cette structure, a-t-elle ajoute, permettra de mettre en valeur et de redynamiser le tourisme nautique (plongee sous-marine, planche a voile, ski nautique, kayak, ports de plaisance.