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A texture in some schists that results from the intersection of relict bedding planes with well-developed cleavage planes. Also known as gaufrage.



a method of manually joining strips of flexible material (threads, stalks, twigs, bast) by passing each of the strips over and then under the others at a right or oblique angle.

The plaiting of cord, mats, baskets, creels, and snares was known as far back as the Neolithic. Many peoples constructed walls for dwellings and farm buildings by means of plaiting. Its use was developed extensively by the peoples of Australia and Africa and by the Indians of North and South America. These peoples made such items as mats, cloaks, hats, footwear, various utensils, fishing gear, and thongs for lassos. The use of plaiting was particularly widespread in Oceania, where the people plaited utensils (vessels) and seafaring equipment (sails). With great skill, they also plaited belts, fans, bags, and armor. In those regions of the world where animal fur and hide were used for clothing, plaiting played a secondary role. However, the Eskimo and the Aleuts skillfully plaited vessels, hats, and mats, using primarily seaweed stalks.

The refinement of plaiting techniques led to weaving. The procedure has remained primarily a manual form of production. In modern mechanized textile manufacturing, mainly braids and laces are produced by plaiting.

References in classic literature ?
Newmero kattervang dooze, si vous plait," Jos said in his grandest manner, when he was able to speak.
The boy hesitated, looked reproachfully at the pilgrims as if they had involved him in a little difficulty, then said, folding a plait in the right leg of his trousers, 'He gets his living along-shore.
Tulliver," she observed as she sat down, "but I'm sure the child's half an idiot i' some things; for if I send her upstairs to fetch anything, she forgets what she's gone for, an' perhaps 'ull sit down on the floor i' the sunshine an' plait her hair an' sing to herself like a Bedlam creatur', all the while I'm waiting for her downstairs.
Plaits for Venus, puffs for Juno, folds for Minerva.
Sonya was a slender little brunette with a tender look in her eyes which were veiled by long lashes, thick black plaits coiling twice round her head, and a tawny tint in her complexion and especially in the color of her slender but graceful and muscular arms and neck.
Lydgate had often fastened the plaits before, being among the deftest of men with his large finely formed fingers.
The original Cape Malay versions are plaited neatly, where the lazy Afrikaners seem to have bored of all that effort and simply make flat, round cakes, but I wanted to recreate that specific photo, and besides, the plaits look so much more tempting and delicious.
Start to plait just like you would hair - right strand over the middle, then left over the middle, and onwards.
The 13-year-old had her long hair styled into five plaits on holiday in Turkey and thought they looked neat and tidy.
Start with a classic French plait from the nape of the neck just above the left ear, and work around the hairline from left to right (you are braiding from ear to ear), and ensure that you bring the hair up to the front of the head as you braid.