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A texture in some schists that results from the intersection of relict bedding planes with well-developed cleavage planes. Also known as gaufrage.



a method of manually joining strips of flexible material (threads, stalks, twigs, bast) by passing each of the strips over and then under the others at a right or oblique angle.

The plaiting of cord, mats, baskets, creels, and snares was known as far back as the Neolithic. Many peoples constructed walls for dwellings and farm buildings by means of plaiting. Its use was developed extensively by the peoples of Australia and Africa and by the Indians of North and South America. These peoples made such items as mats, cloaks, hats, footwear, various utensils, fishing gear, and thongs for lassos. The use of plaiting was particularly widespread in Oceania, where the people plaited utensils (vessels) and seafaring equipment (sails). With great skill, they also plaited belts, fans, bags, and armor. In those regions of the world where animal fur and hide were used for clothing, plaiting played a secondary role. However, the Eskimo and the Aleuts skillfully plaited vessels, hats, and mats, using primarily seaweed stalks.

The refinement of plaiting techniques led to weaving. The procedure has remained primarily a manual form of production. In modern mechanized textile manufacturing, mainly braids and laces are produced by plaiting.

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my long black plait being tugged viciously by a steely-grey relative.
Pro tips on creating the best braid at home also include plaiting hair before you go to bed so you can wake up to a stylish messy look, styling on wavy or curly hair and even using extensions to add length to your plait.
The trend for plaits is showing no sign of waning and, if these stylish celebrities are anything to go by, it doesn't matter how you wear them this season.
Starting with mid-section of hair at the back of head, loosely plait and work in larger sections of hair from underneath & behind the ears until the plait reaches nape of neck and secure with a ribbon.
It's easy," she said before grabbing my head and whipping the hair into a perfect Wang plait in a matter of minutes.
According to Plait, we are constantly being bombarded with inaccurate astronomical information disguised as fact, starting with things our parents taught us and continuing with flawed input from teachers, classmates, friends, co-workers, and news reports.
The 120g roast vegetable plait has peppers, red onions, tomatoes and courgettes in puff pastry with a herb crumb topping.
At festivals I love nothing more than the feel of plaits bouncing on my bare shoulders as I lark about.
He says the secret is to blow-dry the section you want to plait straight, giving a smooth, wisp-free appearance.
Henry was so fed up with being mixed up with Felix that he let his hair grow and tied it into a plait so people could tell them apart.