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Erosion resulting in flat surfaces, caused by meandering streams, waves, ocean currents, wind, or glaciers.



a leveling of the earth’s surface caused by denudation and accumulation occurring simultaneously under relatively calm tectonic conditions. Planation results in a gently undulating plain—a peneplain in a humid climate and a pediplain in an arid climate.

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Over the proposal of Convener Aftab-ur-Rahman Rana, the committee approved to introduce Green award in order the recognize the individual and collective contributions in tree planation drive on annual basis.
Cortes (1999) and Cortes and Casas (2000) proposed that the formation of the Jiloca Depression is primarily related to erosional processes accompanied by the development of nested planation surfaces (pediplains) on the western margin.
B, ziprasidone appeared to be efficacious; however, improvement in her medical condition, rather than ziprasidone treatment, is the most likely ex planation for the resolution of her delirium symptoms.
The major elements of the study area's relief are represented by planation surfaces, glacial and periglacial landforms.
Reviews of themes that relate to east Asia and Australia are the next set of conference papers in the volume, beginning with a paper on one hundred years of investigation on the planation surfaces in China by K.
Frustration among backbenchers boiled over at the cabinet when Alistair Dow, who chairs the main scrutiny committee, said some of the promised savings should have been easily achieved and asked for an ex-x planation.
Landscape evolution in Roraima, north Amazonia: planation, paleosols and paleoclimates.
The planation surfaces of Arfon and adjacent parts of Anglesey: a re-examination of their age and origin.
Sandulli will give his reasons for reducing the penalties later and cautioned critics not to question his decisions until examining his ex planation.
We just lost another element of Hawaii's soul with the closing of the planation.
Zimmermann holds that the flower started with radial sporangial clusters, the sporophyll arising, following planation, from aggregations of mesomes.
In the succinct assessment of a senior American analyst, much of the ex planation for the political situation in the Arab world "lies in the fact that many Middle Eastern states have no greater enemy than their own governments" (Cordesman 1999).