Plane Polarization

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plane polarization

[′plān ‚pō·lə·rə′zā·shən]

Plane Polarization


a state of a propagating electromagnetic wave (for example, a light wave) in which the wave’s electric vector E, at each point of the space occupied by the wave, oscillates but remains in the same plane, which passes through the direction of wave propagation (the same statement is true with respect to the magnetic vector H of the wave).

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Micrographs of thin sections in plane-polarised (PPL) and cross-polarised (XPL) light showing pedogenic features in (a) Merungle Loam-lower B PPL, (b) Merungle Loam-lower B XPL, (c) Bomen-Brucedale PPL, (d) Bomen-Brucedale XPL, (e) Marinna-Willis PPL, (f) Marinna-Willis XPL, (g) Marinna-Willis PPL and (h) Young-lower B PPL.