Plane Polarization

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plane polarization

[′plān ‚pō·lə·rə′zā·shən]

Plane Polarization


a state of a propagating electromagnetic wave (for example, a light wave) in which the wave’s electric vector E, at each point of the space occupied by the wave, oscillates but remains in the same plane, which passes through the direction of wave propagation (the same statement is true with respect to the magnetic vector H of the wave).

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we have for the monochromatic plane-polarized radiation .
He then considered two arbitrary plane-polarized waves, one from each of the media, incident upon an element of area d[sigma] at the bounding surface of the two media.
In [section] 36 Planck considered a monochromatic plane-polarized ray of frequency v, emitted in time dt.
The reflected wave is entirely plane-polarized *6, as shown in Figure 3,
Unpolarized light, and plane-polarized light that is not "at right angles to the plane of incidence", produce reflected and refracted beams, in accordance with Brewster's Law.
Other crystals have a rather peculiar effect on plane-polarized light.