planed lumber

dressed lumber, dressed stuff, surfaced lumber

Lumber having one or more of its faces planed smooth.
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When complete, the mill will produce custom sawn rough and planed lumber products up to 30 feet long, and will be sold in domestic retail and wholesale markets.
When ordering lumber, it is typically assumed that planed lumber is desired; if the contractor desires rough sawn lumber, it must be noted.
The database will consider the planed lumber to be a new product, so it will need a separate bar code number from the one it had when it was still rough lumber.
54% mill residues:46% forest -1,064 -819 residues (a) Boiler fuel input substitution per cubic meter of softwood kiln-dried, planed lumber. Table 2.--Ratios of carbon displaced to biogenic carbon released and total percent reduction in global warming potential emissions when biomass fuels displace fossil fuels in different boiler fuel scenarios in a softwood sawmill using two electricity generation scenarios.
Instead, the pungent clean scent of red cedar permeates the building that houses planers and stacks of neatly trimmed and planed lumber. Tongue and groove samples along with different styles of mouldings are displayed on the wall near one of the entrances.
Davis began selling glued-up, planed lumber core in 1949.
Products such as veneer, planed lumber, and pallet stock were being manufactured in significantly larger amounts in 2002 than in 1989.
It is estimated that about 50 per cent of the finished, kiln-dried and planed lumber will leave the Fort William sawmill for market by rail, while the remainder will leave by truck.
At the first station, operators feed the lower grade lumber through a Newman S282 two-sided planer and the planed lumber is conveyed to the laser guided optimizing station on the Barr Mullin Compu-Rip system.
Planed lumber is compressed in the longitudinal direction, emerging from the press at about 95% of its original lenght.
The results of the industrial-scale evaluation showed that the Q-Sift strategy reduces drying time, increases lumber grade quality, and reduces the planed lumber area.