plank fence

board fence

A fence constructed of boards that are spaced horizontally and fastened to square lumber posts; widely used in the past, but now usually found only in upscale rural communities because of its relatively high cost.
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The wooden plank fence all the way in the back was discreetly screened by lots of tall palm trees.
We use post and plank fence along the driveway, stock panels to control breeding bucks in season, and chain link to protect our poultry and garden.
It's rolling pastures with a black plank fence,'' said Jeff Thornbury, who along with Dr.
The magnificent farms of stately houses, plank fences, horses and cattle, and rich pasture would look barren and forlorn without the huge old trees.
The nearby campground has plank fences beside each site to help keep tents from blowing away.
We frankly confess that we detest (Homer's) subjects - his barren plank fences, his glaring bald, blue skies, his big dreary, vacant lots of meadows, his freckled, straight-hair Yankee urchins, his flat-breasted maidens, suggestive of a dish of rural doughnuts and pie, his calico, sun- bonnets, his flannel shirts, his cowhide boots .