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A language for writing theorem provers by Carl Hewitt <> MIT 1967. Never fully implemented.

CONNIVER was an outgrowth of PLANNER and microPLANNER a subset. PLASMA is a PLANNER-like system modelled on Actors. See also POPLER, QLISP, Scheme.

["PLANNER: A Language for Proving Theorems in Robots", Carl Hewitt, Proc IJCAI-69, Wash DC, May 1969].
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The person and/or professional in architecture or interior design that deals with the layout, design, and furnishings of spaces within a proposed or existing structure, according to the requirements of the client.
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London was selected by more than one in four planners as an international meeting destination in the next three years followed by Paris.
Keep in mind, the most highly experienced planner may not always be the best hire.
In a hospitality setting, the guest (meeting and event planner and their client) exists to be served; the supplier exists to serve.
On the back of the notebook are tear-off Beverage Vouchers (different from the planner).
Additionally, NAFB encourages industry partners such as advertising and public relations agencies to utilize the power of the Planner.
One planner is a small Moleskine one for her purse.
Finally, the healthcare expenses planner gives estimates of what users might need to pay for Medicare premiums and out-of-pocket healthcare expenses once they stop working.
Now that we have discussed the roles and responsibilities, and key recommendations, this article provides a short list of lessons learned to assist intelligence planners increase the chances of success and decrease the learning curve.
This final stage is the ongoing planner/client relationship, during which planners implement the agreed upon plan, monitor that plan, regularly review the progress toward those goals, and help the clients "to maintain focus on their personal and financial goals ensuring the plan remains relevant throughout the client's financial life journey."
Based on his experience, Robbins recommends that loan officers anchor their relationship strategies with financial planners by earning trust and proving value.
From the outset wedding planners need to work out with their clients the extent of their budget and whether they want a full service or just help on their wedding day itself.
Urban and regional planners study the needs of communities and propose long-term and short-term strategies to revitalize a community or help it grow in size.