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A language for writing theorem provers by Carl Hewitt <> MIT 1967. Never fully implemented.

CONNIVER was an outgrowth of PLANNER and microPLANNER a subset. PLASMA is a PLANNER-like system modelled on Actors. See also POPLER, QLISP, Scheme.

["PLANNER: A Language for Proving Theorems in Robots", Carl Hewitt, Proc IJCAI-69, Wash DC, May 1969].


The person and/or professional in architecture or interior design that deals with the layout, design, and furnishings of spaces within a proposed or existing structure, according to the requirements of the client.
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Mary understands that not all baby planners will agree with her philosophy, and this is the very reason she feels it is in the best interest of this industry to have more than one organization to support baby planners.
Russell, who is satisfied with his choice of a fee-only planner, advises investors to avoid planners who are trying to "push products on you," and to seek out those that can discuss your complete financial picture, including retirement, college, insurance, and long-term care.
According to Chubb's survey, financial planners also frequently skim over property insurance, focusing the bulk of their insurance evaluation upon life and liability coverages.
Planners look at designs of their own mines and see where ore deposits are and how the software can best be applied to their particular needs.
Financial planners should review existing estate planning insurance policies.
As a result of these discussions and further evaluation, DLP project planners selected a collection for an internally funded project, images from the Frank M.
In other words, planners can be swayed by local interests, and planners' data aren't always clear.
Planners, no more than governments, are able to stop the fluidity of international markets.
The designer/space planner and contractor will work out their preliminary budget estimates based upon past experience.
Where other programs concentrate on the technical side of the business, the FPA Residency Program focuses on client management skills, emphasizing the true nature of the partnership that financial planners and their clients maintain.
Financial planners: Planners look over your finances, discuss your goals, and map out a plan for you to reach them.