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Tripathi SK, Singh KP (1992a) Nutrient immobilization and release pattern during plant decomposition in a dry tropical bamboo savanna, India.
Several articles discuss aspects relating to the use of wetlands for water purification, and others consider remotely sensed data for wetland mapping, the US federal wetlands protection policy, communities sensitive to ecosystem changes, pathogen removal, the role of harvest and plant decomposition in constructed wetlands, human disturbances on migrant birds, agricultural wetlands for mitigating pollution, and other topics.
In this region, cold weather hinders plant decomposition, and cattle get protein from dead and live grasses.
As an example, carbon neutral can be characterized as CO2 gases released during plant decomposition or combustion being absorbed during the growth phase of photosynthesis, so any emitted CO2 gases are offset and end up producing a negligible impact on CO2 levels in the atmosphere.
An investigation of the biotic factors determining the rates of plant decomposition on blanket bog.