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We did linkage analysis on WOX amino acid sequences in the plant kingdom and showed the correlation between amino acids in the homeodomain region, suggesting the importance of these residues to the role of the homeodomain in WOX family.
This is why I prefer looking to the plant kingdom for solutions to health problems.
"The more from the plant kingdom you eat, the greater your potassium intake" says Cleveland Clinic dietitian Melissa Ohlson, MS, RD, LD.
2 : one of the three basic divisions (animal kingdom, plant kingdom, mineral kingdom ) into which natural objects are commonly grouped
The 2008 farm bill, however, dramatically expanded Lacey's protections, extending them to "any wild member of the plant kingdom, including roots, seeds, parts, and products thereof."
It is a comprehensive way of dealing with the plant kingdom. The habit of gardening only in the warmer seasons is based more upon the gardener than on the plants.
* The plant kingdom is broken down into two main groups: vascular plants and nonvascular plants.
That's why we use the slogan 'Secrets of the Plant Kingdom Revealed'."
If the audience was expecting some magic trick in the final scene when Daphne joins the plant kingdom, they came away disappointed.
Hemp has been a valuable crop since ancient times, its seeds have been used as food and its fibres, strongest in the plant kingdom, have been used for the production of rope, wagon covers, canvas, and sailcloth.
It's rare not to have petals in the plant kingdom," concluded Gran, as she pulled cotton drawstring bags containing seeds from her pocket.