plant room

mechanical equipment room, machinery room

A room containing a permanently installed refrigeration or air-conditioning system, or major parts thereof.
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Across the ground floor is also a games room with full-sized snooker table, utility room, cloakroom and plant room.
With its packaged design, Azanefreezer does not require a plant room and can be located at ground or roof level, on either a concrete plinth or steel frame.
com)-- Today in commercial buildings, HVAC accounts for 45% of total energy consumption, 65% of which is used in the plant room alone.
The refrigeration plant is housed in a dedicated plant room adjoining the two new cold storage chambers.
NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde have been investigated after the discovery in a plant room at Glasgow's Southern General Hospital.
It would appear it may have come from the building's plant room.
Normally in a glass building, the plant room will also have a glass facade, but here the client has taken a decision to prevent the sound from passing into adjacent areas, so they are protected by a ring wall.
Empower funded all the studies and research required to create the manual, while also supporting the manual with a case study on its Business Bay plant room.
Most of the disruption at the Derry facility was caused after water pipes were melted by the heat of the blaze at a roof-top plant room, Health Minister Edwin Poots said.
There is also a whirlpool bath and gymnasium, wine room, plant room, breakfast room with marble floor, seven bedrooms, the master en suite, and two bathrooms.
It is thought the fire had broken out in the plant room area in the depot's roof.