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Cruveilhier, Jean

(zhäN krüvĕyā`), 1791–1874, French physician. The first professor of pathology at the Univ. of Paris (from 1836), he introduced the descriptive method into the study of that field. He was the first to describe multiple sclerosis adequately. His works include The Anatomy of the Human Body (2 vol., 1829–42; tr. 1844).
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The plantar surface of the cuboid has attachments for the short and long plantar ligaments [2].
As for the staple, we speculated that the staple fixation in complete dislocation of TMT joint (both dorsal and plantar ligaments injury) may cause fixation failure because of the less pullout resistance of the staple in this type of injury.
Although the bony anatomy is primarily responsible for stability, the strong plantar ligaments also provide significant stability to the tarsometatarsal articulations.