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A mile or so in, we reach our destination--Robinson's Kokia cookei plantings. The mature trees with maple-like leaves are twenty feet tall reaching for sunlight.
Thumb through old issues of American Forests, called American Forestry in the years around World War I, and you'll find page after page of memorial tree planting ceremonies.
By planting crops designed to stand up to weed killers that are more environmentally benign than those on today's market, farmers might someday be able to abandon the more damaging herbicides.
Planting a woodland garden will help save endangered medicinal plants and will create a unique medicinal herb garden for your family and friends.
"We contacted our planting partners, and all agreed that planting memorial tree groves was a positive response to remember the victims and heroes," Gangloff says.
The thought of planting in the fall brings to mind many questions.
AMERICAN FORESTS' 5year planting at Hakalau yielded a mix of nearly 155,000 native trees, the vast majority of those koa, including the millionth tree planted under the Global ReLeaf Forests program.
The North American biodynamic planting calendar, Stella Natura, shows favorable times to work with specific parts of plants.
As the talks continue and new longterm strategies evolve, a large scale tree planting campaign to restore millions of acres of damaged forests is launched.
In the butterfly world, planting brightly-colored flowers is like hanging out a neon "Diner" sign.
It is not a new thought, this idea to perpetuate memories by planting trees that will live on for generations, but it is perhaps most appropriate here and in other sites touched by World War II.