plasma TV

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plasma TV

An earlier flat panel TV that used the plasma display technology. Plasma TVs were always considered to have the best picture quality; however, by 2016, they were no longer being manufactured. Today's OLED and LCD/LED TVs have great picture quality and weigh half as much while using a fraction of the power. See LCD vs. plasma, OLED, flat panel TV and plasma display.

The Pioneer Elite Kuro Plasma Sets
In 2008, Pioneer introduced its Kuro 50" and 60" plasma TVs at prices up to USD $6,000. Considered the best by nearly every A/V expert, they cost a lot more than competing TVs, and the line was discontinued in 2013. Kuro TVs were known for their black levels, and kuro means black in Japanese. Panasonic acquired some of the Kuro patents.

An Elegant Presentation
The Kuro line was so exclusive that the remote control came in a fancy box with a congratulatory note (top). After 12 years of occupying a place of prominence, this 50" Kuro was banished to the storage shed for recycling.
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In the plasma TV market, the value will rise 12.14 per cent to $5.64 billion this year compared to $5.03 billion in 2007.
Hitachi's withdrawal from glass substrates production means that the production of plasma TV panels will be concentrated at Matsushita in Japan, as Pioneer Corp.
Your Chronicle is giving you the chance to win one of two fantastic 42" Digital Plasma TVs. Enjoy big screen action in your living room in amazing detail with our prize.
Mum-of-two Karen Carroll is so fed up with her plasma TV she is threatening to throw it out and go back to an old-style set.
is best known, has become the first company in the world to achieve the elimination of lead in Plasma Display Panels (PDPs) used as the central picture component in its Plasma TVs and Plasma Modules(*1).
The offenders made off with a number of LG plasma TVs, including 15in, 17in and 20in screens, worth thousands of pounds.
Panasonic has launched three top of the range models as part of its Viera line-up of Full HD plasma TVs.
About LG Electronics Digital Display CompanyLG Digital display Company is a leading producer of LCD and Plasma TVs and it is one of top maker of Plasma modules.
The Philips 42" plasma TV comes with Nicam stereo sound, a stand, 160 degree viewing angle and wall mountable, you won't be embarrassed by the black box in the corner any longer.
As the age of digital high-definition broadcasting moves into high gear, the Japanese domestic plasma TV market in 2006 is expected to balloon to 680,000 units(*2), an increase of 45% from the previous year.
One lucky reader will win a state-of-the-art, 43in High Definition Pioneer Plasma TV and Pioneer Recordable DVD player, together worth pounds 2,900.
According to research from the Consumer Electronics Association, the average unit price of a plasma TV was $7,250 in 2001.

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