plasma display

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plasma display

[′plaz·mə di′splā]
A display in which sets of parallel conductors at right angles to each other are deposited on glass plates, with the very small space between the plates filled with a gas; each intersection of two conductors defines a single cell that can be energized to produce a gas discharge forming one element of a dot-matrix display.
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plasma display

Also called "gas discharge display," a plasma display was an earlier flat-screen technology that used tiny cells lined with phosphor that were full of inert ionized gas (typically a mix of xenon and neon). Plasma displays were similar to the way neon signs work combined with the phosphors of a CRT. In fact, a plasma screen was like having a miniature CRT for each pixel (see CRT).

Plasma TVs Were Top of the Line
Initially monochrome displays for laptops in the 1980s, color displays for TVs emerged in the 1990s to eventually become the most coveted TV technology (see plasma TV). See flat panel TV, phosphor and surface-conduction electron-emitter display.

Plasma Pixels
Each pixel comprised three ionized gas cells lined with red, green and blue phosphors. Sandwiched between x- and y-axis panels, a cell was selected by charging the intersecting x-y electrodes. The charge caused the gas to emit ultraviolet light, which caused the phosphor to emit color. The amount of charge determined the intensity, and the combination of different intensities of red, green and blue produced all the colors and shades.

LCD vs. Plasma
LCD creates colors entirely different than plasma. Whereas plasma uses gas and phosphors, LCD uses liquid crystals, color filters and backlights. See LCD vs. plasma.
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The new interactive plasma display, supporting wireless connections(4), can also be used as a presentation monitor for meetings or lectures to display electronic data stored in information terminals such as personal computers without the need forcables.
These advances allow the world's first ultra-large full HD 3D plasma display lineup to reproduce high quality 3D video sources accurately and create an immersive experience that allows audiences to feel as if they were a part of the scene.
Panasonic will strengthen production of plasma display panels in China, a rapidly growing flat-panel TV market.
Based on its know-how in producing large-size panels that was cultivated with the 103-inch PDP development, Panasonic has developed the new 85-inch full HD plasma display integrating the latest high picture quality technology.
plans to pull out of plasma display panel production probably by the end of fiscal 2008 as profitability of the flat-screen TV business worsens amid intensifying competition, sources familiar with the matter said Tuesday.
Headquartered in City of Industry, Calif., Regent USA is a supplier of affordable advanced consumer electronics solutions including LCD and plasma displays, and high-end, high-performance, technologically advanced LCD and plasma monitors for the commercial, education and government sectors, and home theater environments.
Other new JVC products include a 50-inch plasma display monitor ($8,495), a half-inch 3-CCD color camera ($4,195) and a 15-inch high-resolution color monitor ($799).
The monitors are equipped with plasma display panels, designed to maximise light efficiency.
By utilizing one of two Life Extension modes, the high efficiency ALiS plasma display also improves long-term brightness performance over conventional plasma technologies, a key aspect when using plasma technology for digital signage applications.
Brisk sales of plasma display panels boosted Fujitsu's earnings in the year just ended as people swapped bulky cathode-ray TVs for big, thin screens.
SIGNED A DEAL WITH NEC to purchase its plasma display subsidiary for an undisclosed sum.

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