plaster bead

corner bead, angle bead, angle staff, corner guard, corner molding, plaster bead, staff bead

corner bead, 2
1. Any vertical molding, usually a plain, filleted, or quirked bead, used to protect the external angle of two intersecting surfaces.
2. A strip of formed galvanized iron, sometimes combined with a strip of metal lath, placed on corners before plastering to reinforce them.

plaster bead, plaster head, plaster staff

A metal angle bead that is a built-in edging, reinforcing a plaster angle; a corner bead.
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These include rope baskets, mat fragments, a linen headdress, wooden arrowheads, plaster beads, a wooden sickle, bone figurines, bone and flint utensils, two stone masks, and decorated human skulls.